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Lessens the ugly underwater blur and pushes back the underwater fog to a decent distance, without disabling depth of field.

Permissions and credits

The main vortex download of this mod requires Realistic Water Two! (Highly recommended!)
If you don't use RW2, be sure to get the Vanilla version
(Or the alternate LWO, or PW versions). You do not need both, just either/or.
All before/after pictures shown are using RW2.

I searched the internet for a fix to lessen the underwater blur, because in my opinion it looks so blocky/jagged/bad. The most common suggestion I seen was to turn off depth of field in the .ini files, which disables DOF entirely and makes underwater look unrealistically crystal clear! So after alot more searching, I figured out how to change it! Here's the results! :)

To fix just the blur, it's actually a very simple fix once you know where to look, I just changed 2 fields in UnderwaterImageSpace - Distance, and Range. Changing Distance to a positive number is what really fixes the bad blur, the rest of the settings in DoF are just up to personal preference, so you can change them to whatever you prefer in SSEEdit if you like!

After that, underwater definitely looked better.. but you still couldn't see very far because of the distance fog being so close. So after much more searching, I finally figured out how to push back the fog and make underwater decently visible again! :D

I've included pictures of where to find all the edits, in case anyone wants to fiddle with them to suit your own preferences. Post pictures of your results, I'd love to see them! :D

What It Does
Lowers the amount of underwater blur, so your character is visible without jagged edges or awkward shading, and pushes back the underwater fog so you can see more than 5ft ahead of you while still feeling 'underwatery'. Also fixes most shallow water that looked unnaturally cloudy/edgy.


Fully compatible: (This is my current setup!)
Realistic Water Two (Use RW2 version, load UVF after)
Water's Edge Fix (Unnecessary, unless you just like less fog like me)
Obsidian Weathers
True Storms
Wet and Cold
Enhanced Lights and FX (load UVF after, if using enhancer)

Regarding Needs mods:
If using iNeed, try out iNeed Universal Water Patch! With this you get iNeed compatibility and keep the water splashes!
iNeed/Realistic Needs & Diseases are compatible by default with the non RW2 version of UVF, or any versions before 2.3. 
Note: The 'Causes Damage' flag is what needs mods use to detect when the player is standing in water. It doesn't actually cause damage, but a side effect of this is that it disables 'splash' footstep effects. If you are not using any needs mods, you can safely remove the flag in xEdit!

By Request:
Cathedral Water Overhaul
There is version using the coloring from CWO - Deep Colors as well as an older version for their previous LWO - Low Glacial Flour coloring under Optional Files, you don't need either of the main files if using either of these, or the .esp from CWO/LWO as all changes made in it are carried over in the patch. Textures(Optional) from CWO/LWO are not included. Be sure to endorse their mod page if you like it! :)

Pure Waters
PW compatible version under Optional files! Using the No Flow version of PW. As a bonus, this also adds Needs compatibility to PW.

Wavy Waters
Wizkid34 has made a patch for this one! Get it here: UVF - Wavy Waters Version

Not compatible:
Realistic Water Two LOD Fix (This mod is not necessary with the latest version of RW2, if you have lod issues, it's a load order problem. Put RW2 lower in your load order until it's fixed.)

Curious about any other water related mod? If it's just textures, it's fine! If it changes the actual water, it's probably not. If you want to know for sure, check for conflicts in xEdit, or just post a comment and I'll check for you~

I might make more compatibility patches/versions if requested, post a comment on whatever you're using~
Unless it's like, way later and I'm not even playing Skyrim anymore, then I probably wont be checking here.. But if that's the case, anyone who's willing: Feel free to carry on the mod! :)

Check out my other mods! :)

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