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This is a collection of multi-way patches between the JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim Open Cities patch and other Open Cities patches.

Permissions and credits
Ever wanted to combine two of the most popular city overhauls - JK's Skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim - together with Open Cities? JPSteel2 has kindly provided a patch, but you will soon notice that this is incompatible with a lot of other mods that take place in the city worldspaces, even if using the appropriate Open Cities patch. But no more! Through tireless effort, I have created patches for the following popular mods, largely based off Teabag86's patches for the closed-space JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim patch:

  • AI Overhaul
  • ALT - Markarth's Forge
  • Bells of Skyrim
  • Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - Tamrielic Influence
  • Blowing in the Wind
  • Fishing (Creation Club)
  • Greater Markarth Expansion
  • JK's Bards College
  • JK's Bee and Barb
  • JK's Haelga's Bunkhouse
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn
  • Realistic Boat Bobbing
  • Sepolcri
  • Storefront
  • JK's Blue Palace + Legacy of the Dragonborn
  • JK's Bee and Barb + JK's The Pawned Prawn + Legacy of the Dragonborn + Riften Docks Overhaul + Riften Extension - Southwoods District + Sepolcri. A version without Sepolcri is provided in version 1.7.1 of the main mod.

In addition, I have included a plugin that forwards Teabag86's edits to the vendor item displays (that makes vendors remove their items at night) to the Open Cities version. Highly recommended, since I am adding it as a master to some of the plugins from my other Open Cities projects (see below).

I have also made patches to other city overhauls, which are hosted here:

Moreover, I recommend checking out my other Open Cities mods here: Jonado's Open Cities patches. All mods there that do not have a patch on this page should be compatible.

My time is limited, so I am not likely to accept requests for patches for particular mods, but I can help with assistance for making your own patches.

Notes about the Sepolcri patch: The original Open Cities version was not set up in a way that would make it easily patchable with other mods, nor was it updated to the most recent version of the mod. Therefore I created a new version which I have sent to WiZkiD and is made publicly available in the comments section of the mod page. He agreed to publish it, but have not done so yet. Meanwhile, you will need to get that version and not any of the ones at the main page. You do need the Dawn of Skyrim and JK's Skyrim patches there, though. I hope this is not too much hassle.

Performance is decent, but you will clearly benefit from a graphics card with a lot of VRAM. At first, I was using a Radeon R9 380 with 4GB VRAM, but then I experienced stuttering in some areas. After upgrading to a 3060 RTX with 12GB VRAM, the stuttering is gone. My CPU is an overclocked quad-core i5 4690K. Regardless of your rig, I recommend using my Open Cities optimisation additions file included in Jonado's Open Cities patches for a slight performance boost. If experiencing stuttering, do not try to access the map, since this may cause CTDs.

The patches are mostly mutually compatible, if taking the following into account:
  • A patch between AI Overhaul and JK's Bee and Barb is available at Jonado's Open Cities patches.
  • JK's Blue Palace (standalone) is compatible if the OCS patch is loading after the JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim OCS patch.
  • I have not created patches for other combinations of JK's Bee and Barb + JK's The Pawned Prawn + Legacy of Dragonborn + Riften Docks Overhaul + Riften Extension - Southwoods District. You will have to create your own.
  • The Blowing in the Wind OCS patch provided at the Blowing in the Wind mod page is not necessary, and might not be compatible with the one provided here.

Load order
I am using the following load order for my own build, and recommend other players to do the same (in some cases it is important, in other cases not):

  • Non-OCS mods
  • Open Cities Skyrim.esp
  • OCS + LOTD5 Patch.esp
  • Sepolcri.esp
  • Sepolcri - JKs Skyrim - Cutting Room Floor patch.esp or Sepolcri - JKs Skyrim patch.esp
  • AIOHisyOCS.esp
  • Bells of Skyrim - OCS Patch.esp
  • JK's Bee & Barb OCS Patch.esp
  • JK - DoS - OCS Patch.esp
  • Sepolcri - JK_DoS_OCS patch.esp
  • Food Display Markers - OCS patch.esp
  • Greater Markarth OCS Patch.esp
  • Greater Markarth - JK_DoS_OCS patch.esp
  • Blowing in the Wind - JK_DoS_OCS Patch.esp
  • AIO_JK_DoS_OCS_Patch.esp
  • Bells - JK_DoS_OCS Patch.esp
  • JK's Blue Palace OCS Patch.esp
  • DBM_JK_DoS_OCS_Patch.esp
  • Storefront - JKS_DoS_OCS Patch.esp
  • JKs Bee and Barb - JK_DoS_OCS Patch.esp
  • Riften Extension - OCS patch.esp
  • Fishing - JKS_DoS_OCS_Patch.esp
  • Open Cities - JK's The Bards College Patch.esp
  • RTDocks - Open Cities.esp
  • JK's Blue Palace - JK_DoS_LOTD_OCS patch.esp
  • OCS optimisation additions.esp (load order does not matter)
  • JK's Haelga's Bunkhouse OCS Patch.esp
  • bs tamrielic influence - OCS patch.esp
  • bs tamrielic influence - JK_DoS_OCS patch.esp
  • JK's Bards College - JK_DoS_OCS patch.esp
  • JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - JK_DoS_OCS Patch.esp
  • JK's Bee and Barb_OCS - AIO patch.esp
  • DBM_JK_DoS_Bee and Barb_Pawned Prawn_RTDocks_OCS Patch.esp

The provided modgroup files should assist further with the load ordering.

Special thanks to hishutup for the Open Cities patch script - without it making these patches would not be possible.