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A standalone conversion of the Haafingar Oaks and Marsh Pines from Enhanced Landscapes, converted and updated for SSE. Also included my own marsh overhaul called Dilon Vul. It's like a more sparse marsh tree mod, with dead trees and vistas plus new ultra lods.

Permissions and credits

This is the SSE version of the standalone conversion of the Haafingar Oaks and Marsh Pines plugin from AceeQ's Enhanced Landscapes

I really like the Haafingar Oaks and Marsh Pines from Enhanced landscapes and wanted to be able to use them as standalone mods so I converted them. I removed the Enhanced Landscapes dependency, thinned out the oak trees along Solitude ridge to allow better views through the trees and thinned out the oaks around Solitude Entrance, to make it compatible with Solitude expansions like TGES and Solitude Reborn. I also removed some oaks for ETaC compatibility at South Dragon Bridge. I have left the oak trees as is on the South side of the river. I disabled clipping pine trees and disabled pines where necessary to improve the views.

Dilon Vul
My own marsh overhaul mod. I made this because I really liked the marsh treatment that Enhanced landscapes included in its original esp, but there was no way to 'extract' it, so I decided to make my own and Dilon Vul is the result.  It comprises of fewer trees, mostly dead tall pines and has ultra lods included. Check the screenshots.

New green versions for classic and SSE now available. Check the sticky.
You can now download new and improved 3D Lods for this mod here thanks to StepModifications and z929669

Install normally then run DynDOLOD for improved tree lods.

None. You do not need Enhanced Landscapes to run this mod.

Load order
Shouldn't matter unless you have other mods that change the same things.

Credits & Permissions
AceeQ  - given for Enhanced Landscapes
Hoddminir Plants and Trees - given for the oak tree resources
Lupus Hegemonia for the Special Edition Stuff, new green textures and Lod work
Threepkiller for the Special Edition work and fixing ultra - lods
Nazenn and Katy420 for helping me work this all out.
spongeman131 for GKB option in ELOS Oaks mixed greens and Confidence Man, elinen, Ztree, Vurt, SparrowPrince, BlubboDE and Ga-Knomboe Boy for textures.