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This is the spiritual successor to Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed. The exact same thing, but made from scratch, because of permission reasons!
Supports 360 movement mods!

Permissions and credits

Shoutout to Brump for the original idea and creation.
Original LE Version

This mod changes the NPC and player (and horse) speeds to be more realistic.
Faster walking, slower running and sprinting.

I highly suggest you also install: 
NPC's Run and Walk at Your Pace

(Part of the) original description
This is basically not a mod. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN.
The speeds have been FINE-TUNED MANY TIMES before this current release just to get it right. I use it.
I hope you enjoy it, if you can't find one that satisfies you.

- Movement speed has been configured to a much more fluid and realistic rate.
- No more walking like a turtle!
- No more jogging like a gazelle!
- No more sprinting like Usain Bolt!
- No more skating when sneak running!

- Walk: 80 to 125 (+56%)
- Run: 370 to 305 (-17.5%)
- Sprint: 500 to 450 (-10%)
- Sneak walk: 47 to 55 (+16.5%)
- Sneak run: 222 to 122 (-45%)

No more skating at non-human speed

New Vampire Lord and Werewolf addition
Walk: 70 to 125 (+78.5%)
Run: 400 to 305 (-23.75%)
Sprint: 530 to 600 (+13.2%)

Horses (Optional)
- Walk: 125 to 150 (+20%)
No longer jog like you've retired, but walk at reasonable speed
-Run: Unchanged
- Sprint: 600 to 650 (+8.3%)
Just A little faster, just so the horse doesn't feel tied down to gravity

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