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I make mods for Skyrim Special Edition. My mods are available on the Nexus and I specialize in compatibility patches for overlapping objects as well as location overhauls.


I started making Skyrim Special Edition mods with my Elvenwood - Helgen Reborn patch in May 2019. I started without knowing anything about the Creation Kit, navmeshing, xEdit, or any of the other tools and skills required to make high quality mods. I was able to learn quickly because of the guides and help given to me by various members of the community. I started making patches for myself and realized that if I wanted a patch for something, others probably wanted the patch as well. I uploaded it to the Nexus and saw that people enjoyed it. This inspired me to make more and to learn more. Eventually I started work on a project I had been hoping for since I started playing Skyrim in 2011. That was the Fort Takeovers Framework. Once the initial set of features were complete, I realized that I might have more to offer the community than simple patches.


You can message me for suggestions or modding help on Discord:

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