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Overhauls and enhances Skyrim's dungeons. Doubles the size of most dungeons and makes them much more interesting to visit.

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"See that ruin up there? When I was a boy, that place always used to give me nightmares. Draugr creeping down the mountain to climb through my window at night, that kind of thing. I admit, I still don't much like the look of it."

Why did I create this?
Dungeons and ruins in Skyrim are generally underwhelming in my opinion. They are made to quickly get in and out with your loot, which isn't very fun in a game where you spend 75% of your time inside dungeons. Dungeons should be interesting, unique and sort of confusing.

What has been added?
I don't want to spoil too much. A lot of new paths, rooms and enemies have been added. Most dungeons have doubled in size (or more). Everything added fits with the theme of the original dungeons, I always strive to be lore-friendly. I want my creations to be indistinguishable from the vanilla game. I have taken care to not add to much loot as to not inflate the players wealth and power.

What I want to achieve

An interesting new experience ideal for both new and returning players. You will get lost and have to retrace your steps... And that is the point! Traversing an ancient ruin shouldn't be on rails, and now it isn't!

Dungeons that have been revisited (thus far)
  • Bleak Falls Barrow
  • Ustengrav
  • Embershard Mine
  • Steepfall Burrow
  • Halted Stream Camp
  • White River Watch
  • Hillgrund's Tomb
  • Broken Fang Cave

Install with mod manager of your choice.

Do not install while your character is inside any of the edited dungeons as some things might get weird.

MorrowLoot Ultimate
Legacy of the Dragonborn
ELFX Main module (load ELFX before this mod, LOOT does not sort this properly atm)
ELFX Hardcore (with this patch)
LUX (with patch in LUX FOMOD installer)

Notes on compatibility: This mod will be compatible with everything that does not touch or change the dungeons listed above. Some mods that change the lighting in these cells could be incompatible visually but should not break the game. If you experience gaps in the cell try disabling your lighting mods. Load DungeonsRevisited.esp after your lighting mods to avoid issues.