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Minimalistic modding guide for Fallout 4 VR. Provides a rock solid foundation to expand upon, no crashes!

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Skyrim VR Minimalistic Overhaul One-Click Install Wabbajack:


Fallout 4 Modern Tactical One-Click Install Wabbajack:


Discord: https://discord.gg/RwZvZG6qf3

Full load order with Nexus links in files section!  Please download and endorse so more people can see this guide!  Thank You! 

I always heard Fallout 4 VR is a pretty bad VR game. I played it in a couple of years back and didn't think much of it.  The VATS combat made it . . . a turn-based game with guns, and it was not that interesting.  I also only had a 1070 so things were a bit choppy.  I accepted the common truth that Skyrim VR is the better of the two, and moved on.  

A couple of years later, I got myself a 3070, VR still doesn't have a high budget open world shooter.  I decided to give Fallout 4 VR another try, this time playing without using VATS targeting system, and wow, it is so much better!  VR shooters are all about doing the aiming yourself with motion controls, cross hair is already no no, VATS targeting just ruins it.  Playing on survival without any companion to face tank for me, I need to make use of all of my weapons of each ammo type, and the gun play is really wonderful without VATS.  Crouching on my exercise mat, landing a headshot with sniper rifle with motion control, stand up switch to shotgun and shoot someone in the face, kill or be killed in seconds, it is extremely satisfying. 
Like Skyrim VR, Playing Fallout 4 VR with mods, really took it to a completely different level.  Modded Fallout 4 VR offers:

  • Near photo realistic graphics under the right weather and lighting conditions
  • Top of the line enemy balancing, loot progression, and build diversity
  • Building a town and walk around in VR is an incredibly unique experience.
  • Sim Settlements 2, Fallout 4 VR's equivalent of Legacy of the Dragonborn is simply an amazing mod for endless gameplay
  • Much more modern game, requires far less mods than Skyrim VR to look good
  • Optional: Modern weapons/armor, all the iconic CS, COD guns

Initial Set Up


Wireless freedom, inside-out tracking, and the $399 price tag really make Oculus Quest 2 the easy choice for all mainstream VR users. Until someone else makes an equivalent Oculus will dominate the market for years to come.  This guide is for Quest 2 but it will also work with all other VR headsets.  I recommend Virtual Desktop over Airlink, and 90 FPS with SSW always on.  It is just more consistent than Airlink for me overall.  Pico 4 with Virtual Desktop is another great choice if you don't care about non-PC VR.

These in-game settings are recommended by most mod lists:

Comfort Sneaking should be set to OFF for crouch sneak, one of the best leg workouts when playing long sessions.

Item highlighting should be set to OFF, the green glow is really distracting and you can't see the texture on anything.

Character lighting should be set to OFF.

TAA should be on.

Pre-Requisites & DLC Install


1) To enable mods, go to Documents\My Games\Fallout4VR and adding this to Fallout4Custom.ini:


2) F4SE VR is a hard pre-requisite to any mod that involves behavior changes, be sure to download the VR version.  

3) Many newer mods use later versions of Fallout 4, to get them working without manually editing each ESP's version requirements, install Fallout 4 Version Check Patcher now and I haven't had to edit anything personally.

4) FallUI is just an undisputed massive upgrade to the default UI, install the VR patch!  Be sure to only use version 1.13 as VR patch was not updated.  Please download my load order and be sure you install the correct version of the files in question:

FallUI - Inventory 1.13.3, do not use the latest version, do not use the included sorter!  Get the FallUI VR-Patch from same page
FallUI - HUD VR Download and install the sorter from the same page to avoid armor workbench crashes
DEF_UI Iconlibs Rescaled and Fixed

5) Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is also a must have to fix hundreds of little bugs, VR specific patch is needed on top of it, be sure to follow the instructions there to install it

6) To install DLC's

7) Buffout VR adds engine fixes and stability tweaks, as well as a useful crash logger.  Be sure to disable the flashlight fix as it will crash your game.

VR Specific


1) FRIK - Gives you a full body just like Skyrim VR's VRIK.  Two hand grip is now available!  Be sure to turn off player head in halo tape and calibrate your height.  Version 58 is the most stable versions for me.  If certain armor, helmet block your view too much, consider push the camera forward a bit from holotape or INI.

2) Binaural 3D Surround Sound - The default Fallout 4 VR volume is way, way too low which is fixed with this mod, plus it gives you true 3D positional audio like the mod name suggests. I was shocked how bad the default VR audio was without this mod, this is an essential VR mod.



When applicable, download the 2K version unless you have a 3080 or 3090.  It is really hard to tell between 2K and 4K unless you look at them side by side, the FPS you save really add up.  

1) I highly recommend VR Performance Toolkit for a huge resolution increase and image sharpening at no FPS cost.  Download and drop into your Fallout 4 VR folder, and increase your device resolution in Virtual Desktop or Oculus Link.  If you have an RTX card you can also enable Foveated Rendering for even more FPS but it will sacrifice your screenshot quality on the corner of the screens.  This allows my RTX 3070 to push full Quest 2 resolution on Virtual Desktop Ultra (2689 x 2689) with Reshade:

VR Performance Kit Setting (vrperfkit.yml):

method: fsr
renderScale: 0.70
sharpness: 0.50

If you are not using Reshade, consider increasing sharpness to 0.7-0.9.

2) Minimalistic Reshade to get cleaner visuals with more prominent colors, details and lighting.  It is not quiet an ENB but does make a tangible difference.  It comes with luma sharpening which in combination with FSR creates really sharp images.  

3) NAC X - Incredible weather mod from one of the all-time great authors.  Near ENB level visuals, comes with a great weather select to easily switch to any weather any time.  Be sure to install the VR patch and disable vignette, noise and functional sunglasses.  I also highly recommend the PRC preset which has the best interior lighting.  Install PipBoy VR Light after the VR patch to use PipBoy as a flash light.  

4) Far Away Area Reform to makes distant objects look better and less stutter, Insignificant Object Remover to increase performance and remove low resolution trash.

5) Luxor HD Overhaul 2K with 25,000 hand edited textures, is simply the best texture pack out there.  The author is doing constant updates even in 2022 and no other texture pack can come close matching the overall scope and quality.  Back up the original BA2 files and overwrite away.  If you have a 16 GB card like 3090 or 6800 XT, you can try his original version with 4K/8K textures but everyone else should be using the 2K version.

6) Another Pine Forest - This one costs some FPS so feel free to skip it if you have a low end GPU, but it is the best looking tree mod I have used in Fallout 4 VR, and the only one comparable to Skyrim tree mods.  You must install the VR LOD crash which removes the distant objects this mod added for Diamond City and Good Neighbors, to stop the crashes in these two areas.  It is worth the hassle as this mod simply makes a huge difference for me visually with green forests in the distance. Comes with grass too and not nearly as pixelated as A Forest or most other tree mods when viewed up close, although you can certain try A Forest if you prefer leafy, dense forests.

7) Companion and NPC's Face replacement - While vanilla Fallout NPC's look much better than Skyrim equivalents, Kekebu still made some notable improvements.  Some people may not like his choices but for me it is an improvement overall.  Wasteland Heroines Replacer - Closest thing to Skyrim's super popular Bijin-series, makes women look gorgeous.

8) Burst Impact Blast FX -  Greatly enhances weapon effects and makes Fallout 4 gunplay much better looking.  I run Armament and Armament Burst Impact patch for flying bullets.

9) Vivid Water and Reflective Water for the closest thing to Skyrim VR waters.  Place these plugins after NAC X!

10) Lighting Series - All in One and Wasteland Illumination to add a lot of extra interior lighting.  Not totally lore friendly but it is pure eye candy.

INI Tweaks - VATS Bullet Time, Weapon Accuracy, Enemy Health Bar Removal, Visuals & Performance Tweaks


Documents\My Games\Fallout4VR and adding these to Fallout4Custom.ini:

VATS Bullet Time - Use with VATS mod below


Weapon Accuracy - use with Hip Fire mod below



Enemy Name/Health Bar Removal


Visuals & Performance Tweaks





1) Weapon Accuracy Redone For VR - Supports the no VATS playing style much better, makes your guns far more accurate so your aim with motion controls decides whether you hit the target or not.  Far better than the accuracy stat on your weapon for VR play.  Hip-Fire Perk Replacer as the concept of Hip Fire doesn't exist in VR.  Be sure to use INI tweaks from the previous section to basically get rid of Hip Fire penalty altogether.

2) VR Weapon Overhaul to make the shooting experience amazing.  No need to install individual VR weapon patches, VR Weapon Overhaul covers everything.  Be sure to put all three mods AFTER all other weapon mods, in that order.  You can also add Better Scopes VR for see through scopes for sniping instead of the default black out sniping experience, but I find the default sniping experience to be easier on the eyes.

3) Arbitration - The most popular combat overhaul with smarter enemies and tweaks to stealth.  Unlimited Survival takes all the tedious aspects of survival out of the game, like can not save until you sleep.  Makes survival easily the best difficulty in my opinion.  Play without companion/dog, and your positioning is much, much more important.

4) For VATS, I use a suite of mods to disable the default VATS and turn it into bullet time.

Critical Hit Outside of VATS - Makes crits and related perks useful
No VATS Overhaul - Turns VATS into bullet time and also change VATS specific perks into something more useful
No VATS Damage Reduction - Bullet time is already powerful enough without near invulnerability
VATS Tweaks - I use the Really Slowmo version to make time stop almost completely until I shoot, it feels like Superhot VR!

VR Neutral VATS - Get rid of the green tint when you start VATS, a lot more immersive
Immersive Bullet Time SFX - Changes the VATS sound to a cool bullet time SFX.

5) SKK Fast Start to skip the beginning of the game without having to deactivate FRIK or Unofficial Patch.  SKK Quick Player Respec to try out new builds on the fly.  SKK Combat Stalkers to add random enemies searching for you, it is extremely well done. 

6) Easy Lockpicking and Hacking which eliminates the super annoying mini-game.  If you have the skill perks you will open it!

7) Sim Settlements 2 - A huge upgrade over Sim Settlements 1, the equivalent of Legacy of the Dragonborn in Fallout 4.  Be sure to download the VR patch and read its sticky post for detailed installation instructions.  Also download my modlist and be sure to install all the requirements.

8) Point Lookout VR - Be sure to follow the instructions, a terrific DLC sized expansion!

Personal Choice 1 - Modern Weapons


One of the biggest appeal of playing modded Fallout 4 is all the iconic CS, COD weapons!  VR Weapon Overhaul is the one-stop shop experience.  It takes care of all accuracy, positioning, CTD issues and also support See Through Scope!

Most of the weapons on this list do their own leveled list injections on enemies and vendors.  Some are legendary spawns, some need to be crafted.  Read mod page for more details on level requirements.  You can also remove any of these guns from inventory and remove the mod, if you don't like the weapon.  Playing on survival difficulty, these powerful guns on both sides greatly increase the pace of combat.  A random raider with an AK can kill you in a couple of seconds.  You never truly feel overpowered because you die so quickly.

Be sure to download my full mod list to check out the load order for weapons!  Below is a list of modern weapons supported by VR Weapon Overhaul.  For classic weapons go check out the full list!

Personal Choice 2 - Modern Armor & Clothing


Armor and clothing really need to be faction specific instead of randomly distributed, fortunately, we have a terrific series of mods called "Look At Me" from xxsaisei.  He does faction replacers with highest quality mods like Neiro's amazing Cross series, Raider Overhaul, Private Company and more.  Each faction feels unique and distinct, and you can actually believe they belong in the same world!  

Be sure to install all pre-requisite mods correctly.  He doesn't have a Minutemen replacer, so we are going to take the amazing Far West Minutemen Lite with No-AWKCR patch.

4estGimp - Raider Overhaul ONE - All Files - No AWKCR
Biohazard Suit Redux
Classic Combat Armor
Clothing Of The Commonwealth - Mega Outfit Pack - (VANILLA-EVB-CBBE) (AWKCR-AE)
Clothing of the Commonwealth Replacement Esp
CROSS_Courser Strigidae
CROSS Vertibird ESP Patch
CROSS Ronin ESP Patch
Far West Minutemen
Far West Minutemen LITE - No AWKCR
Private Military Company - PMC
Private Military Company Extended
TheKite's Handmaiden
Raider Accessories
Look At Me - Atom Cats Edition
Look At Me - Brotherhood Of Steel Edition
Look At Me - Children of Atom Edition
Look At Me - Gunner Edition
Look At Me - Institute Edition
Look At Me - Raider Edition
Look At Me - Railroad Edition
Look At Me - Triggermen Edition

Personal Choice 3 - Resident Evil Enemies


Adds Resident Evil vibe into the game which provides variety and flavor between COD style military operations vs gunners and raiders.  Flashlight in hand, fighting zombies in dark subway tunnels, college square at night, or heavy thunder storm, it is incredibly immersive. 

Unlike Resident Evil series, you are not short on ammo here, so while it is intense, it is not as scary as say, Resident Evil 2 or Half Life Alyx because you are walking around with hundreds rounds of ammo.  Being able to unload at will is totally different than counting every bullet.

1) Fallevil - Zombie Mega Pack replaces feral ghouls with zombies, coupled with Feral Ghoul Outbreak (I use lite version)

2) FallEvil - Complete Edition adds more Resident Evil enemies for extra flavor.

Common Troubleshooting Tips & Known Issues 


General Tips

  • Many newer mods will not work due to requiring newer versions of Fallout 4, make sure you install the Fallout 4 Version Check Patcher
  • Check your plugin list for ESL's, they won't  be loaded, rename to ESP to work around this.  In general get ESP version of the mod if possible
  • MO2 plugin LOOT sort is totally useless for Fallout 4 VR, make sure you sort the plugins right pane by hand to the same order of mods installed on left pane, make a back up of this!  A lot of strange things can happen like naked NPC's if you don't sort the plugins correctly!
  • For 100% reproduceable crashes, disable all mods to see if you still crash, then re-enable section-by-section until you find which dozen or so mods is causing the crash, then re-enable mod-by-mod until you find the mod.  A texture pack can crash your game, I learned the hard way with Immersive Windows.  99% of the times it is a specific mod, not a corrupted save!
  • Install Buffout 4 VR and Unofficial Patch which fixes several known crashes

Known Issues
  • Vault 111 will crash on exist if you have Unofficial Patch and/or FRIK enabled, I recommend SKK Fast Start to start the game right outside of the Vault
  • PipBoy light on and opening Pip Boy or quick loot has a high chance of CTD
  • FRIK version 45 and 58 are the most stable versions.  Everything in between has crash potential and/or glitches.
  • FallUI - Inventory we need to use 1.13.3 instead of the latest version, as VR patch was made for 1.12.1.
  • PRP I get missing textures at several places, may have to do with Luxor's HD Overhaul I am using
  • NAC X we need to use Mith007's patch to improve stability
  • Enhanced Blood we should remove ESP file to avoid rare crashes in combat
  • Use VR LOD Crash Workaround if you use tree mods and crash in Good Neighbor or Diamond City
  • Weapons - I for the most part, reduced my rifle list to weapons supported in KOG85's VR Weapon Overhaul.  Not only he fixed issues with see through scope with zoom on these weapons, he also improved accuracy on sights.  Pistols, shotguns and extras, I look for VR patches or positive feedback from Ialbie, Terenor82, and Zohoho.  The worst nightmare to any load order is a specific weapon with a specific mod spawning on NPC crashing your game.  We love our CS/COD guns too much to stay vanilla however, so it is a matter of refining the list until you get it perfect.

Popular Mods I No Longer Use


AWKCR, Armorsmith as these are too bloated for me personally.

PRP which still causes some areas to have missing textures.