Fallout 4

About this mod

The most comprehensive modular weather, lighting and visual overhaul for Fallout 4.

Permissions and credits
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*All the screenshots of this page were done without any reshade or enb*

Legacy edition:
" I'm retiring from Fallout 4 modding after 5 years of work. NAC.X is my last gift for the community.
Even if this release has few missing features, it is still my most complete and consistent visual overhaul to date.
I'm proud and happy to share it as is.

- Everything customisable and optional beside climate and weather changes.
NAC.X is not a NAC update but a completely new version of NAC.
It has been entirely redone from scratch in the most clean and bug free version.

- Super easy and intuitive to use with the new NAC.X menu located in your apparel inventory.
Favorite it, use it anytime anywhere instantly, no matter what you wear.
- More than 40 distincts weather templates with new skyboxes and special effects, covering every possible aspects of atmospherics,
injected in a unique climate setup able to produce thousands of new random weathers.
- 10 original Radstorms with special events, from pretty light to extremely intense experience.
- Unique weather effects and events, cloud shadows, radiations, rain splash, volumetric mist....
- Real nights, with built in control for luminosity, from pitch black to very bright.
- Advanced climate control, built-in seasons, load/select/remove any weather at anytime from the climate, give rain radiations, get Radstorms only in the Glowing sea...
- New sound design, custom made wind, rain, thunder sounds and SFX for both exteriors and interiors, differents for all weathers and radstorms.
- More than 20 NACFX presets, that can also be combined together to give the game your own custom look.
- Advanced control with NACFX settings (this is the unfinnished part of the mod, not all nacfx settings have been implemented, and the load/save custom preset isn't working neither)
- Exclusive Camera effects: lightweight Dynamic dof, grain, vignette, lens abberation
- Exclusive dynamic interior relighting options to toggle ingame
- Options to change the 3rd person camera ingame, toggle god rays and adaptation.
- Skin shaders redone for better subsurface scattering and shades with NAC lighting
- Water redone for better look with NACX lighting
- Functional sunglasses, visual effects with drugs, visual effect for radiations, togglable flashlight...

the list goes on and on...

NAC.X can be safely install at any moment of your game.
Un-install is safe as long as you disable the NAC.X flashlight, load a vanilla weather and do a clean save before removing the mod.

Compatible with everything except any weather, climate, radstorms or nights mods

ENB Users can load the built-in patch for ENB from the NAC menu.

♦ Download latest ENB binaries for Fallout 4.
♦ Extract ONLY the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into the Fallout 4 root folder, where the game's .exe is.
♦ Download and extract all the content from NACX_ENB.zip into the Fallout 4 root folder.

Simply delete the same files to uninstall.

NAC.X is also available for XBOX 1 !

That's it,

If you enjoy my work as modder and everything I have brought to all the games I have modded so far,
please consider checking out my Ko-Fi to help me  so I can continue my work and make new content: