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Bypasses the plugin file version check to allow using older EXEs with newer plugin files. (.esm, .esl, .esp)

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Plugin File Version Check Patcher for Fallout 4

What is this?
This is an F4SE plugin DLL that when used will patch the plugin header version check in memory. This has the same effective result as manually editing the plugin files to change the version to 0.95 to work with older EXEs. See the first sticky post in comments for more details.

This does NOT magically make F4SE dll plugins compatible with different game versions.

This was originally developed because Bethesda increased the version header value in the November 2019 game update patch. This has the side effect of preventing use of old game EXEs while waiting on the F4SE and other desired F4SE plugins to be updated. The CreationKit update that accompanied the November 2019 game patch also saves plugins with the new version value. So if a user is running an older game EXE with a plugin (.esm, .esl, .esp) saved with the newer version, it would be ignored. This F4SE plugin saves the user from needing to edit the plugin file and changing the header version number to get it to load.

The game EXE will check the version header and if it is too high it skips loading the plugin. This comes with a risk if you are using a game EXE that does not actually know how to handle the plugin odd things may happen. See the first sticky post in comments for more details.