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FastStart a new game in less than 3 minutes from Main menu > Looks menu > SPECIAL menu > Outside Vault 111 with standard vault gear *AND* most mod added holotapes or inventory items. This is a scripted bypass, so you get full player customisation and no save game issues.

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FastStart a new game in less than 3 minutes from Main menu > Looks menu > SPECIAL menu > Outside Vault 111 with standard vault gear *AND* most mod added holotapes or inventory items. 

This mod is by far the most compatible quickstart/alternate start availble [sic] for the XBOX1 that i have tried. As Todd Howard would say "it just works" so congrats and thanks for this mod. ChaosMonkey83

If you often start new games to try stuff out and either use a static save game with the same old spawns, or are bored of the tiresome-after-the-3rd-time initial dialogue, this will help get new excitement faster.

You start with the usual Looks menu mirror scene then straight to name, rank and SPECIAL stats. Relax for 60 seconds as Vault 111 is cleared for you and emerge from the elevator ready to go. If you know the face and stats you want, this can all be done in 2 minutes.
The player starts outside Vault 111 with most of the vault gear (suits, glasses, 10mm, baton) along with holotapes and stuff other mods have added after looksmenu plus the base survival XP awarded. 

This mod is a fully scripted bypass, not a savegame, so you get full player customisation. With no base game script or asset changes you can disable the mod when done* with no save-game issue. Everything will work including the tricky V111 lift, main gear door and main quest cryo scenes**.


The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any existing base game scripts, assets or objects. Yes that's right, no hacked base game scripts infecting your system. Wow!  As with 98% of SKK mods, its 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and intervention scripts.

This means that it has no load order dependency and can be safely disabled once the vault door animation states meet your needs. But ... if you have CC content and a significant load order there can be a massive bottleneck of quest initialisation activity at Vault exit (MQ102 Stage 10/15) causing mods to block each other (this article). Put SKK Fast bypass mods at the top of your load order so they get processing priority to complete and clear out of the way (SKK FastStart; SKK FastReunions;) 

Known Issues

(1) This is not compatible with mods or CC content that replace, modify or re-texture the Pip-Boy which will become invisible at vault exit. Do not enable those mods until after you have started a new game, or save and exit then the new mesh, texture or object will load correctly.

(2)* If you want to return to V111 for rings, Cryolator and such you must approach the vault door which will open for you (the animation takes some time to play out) >before< disabling this mod, or the external trigger will disappear and you will be locked out. PC console can solve this with [ 000330c3.SendAnimEvent "Stage2" 

(3) An unknown process is trying to set game timescale to zero at vault exit. This mod has a trap that runs for several minutes after exiting the elevator to detect that timescale zero and force default timescale 20 to be safe. If you have any mods that set a custom timescale, that setting will be overwritten until your mod updates the time setting.

(4)** The Memory Den side quest FFGoodneighbor01 to relive memories with Irma is disabled as it conflicts with the more important later main quest MQ203 Shattered Kellogg cryo memory scene on the XBOX.

(5) If you have any other mods that try and add items to the player inventory at startup (like holotapes, weapons) and that stuff is not turning up, please ask the mod author to read this article: Why mod added inventory items are missing from new games.

(6) This mod depends on a looks mirror tutorial event to start the intercept. If you run tutorial stoppers or blockers this will clearly not work.

(7) This mod is not compatible with forced console commands, wait until it completes with the message [ SKK FastStart completed in N seconds ]

(8) Do not stick any limbs into machinery which could result in bodily injury, partial and/or total disability, paralysis and death.

The SKK Fast Start series that are 100% compatible to change your new game experience 

SKK Fast Start New Game - start  a new game in less than 2 minutes to Vault 111 exit. 
SKK Fast Start Settlement  - start your new game from a different Commonwealth location.
SKK Fast Start Reunions - auto complete Vault 118 and Fort Hagen ready to take down Kellogg.
SKK Fast BOS -  triggers the arrival of the Prydwen once the Arcjet Call to Arms quest is completed.
SKK Fast Start Minutemen - auto complete initial Minutemen quests to unlock their support.
SKK Fast Start Institute - relay direct to the Institute to accelerate the main quest with a helper faction. 

Nexus PC Manual installation and disable 

Copy SKKFastStart.esp and  SKKFastStart – Main.BA2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever. The mod can be disabled as long as the shutdown conditions are met. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game.