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Fill last few gaps between Fallout 4 VR and NAC X - NATURAL AND ATMOSPHERIC COMMONWEALTH 10 - Legacy Edition.

CTD fix for Rad Weather, rain particle adjustment, flashlight patch and others.

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== What's Included ==
CTD fix for Rad Weather(Fire Storm):
  • Known VR CTD issue in Rad Weather is addressed. In specific, a mesh caused CTD when translating to 'Fire Storm' weather is replaced with harmless one.
  • Also a performance issue with fire FX is alleviated. Number of FX spawning simultaneously and lifetime are limited not to hurt FPS too much.

Rain Particle Adjustment:
  • In NAC X, rain drops only rendered in very narrow range around camera. It's performance friendly approach, but in headset it looks very flat and unrealistic. Custom edits are made to particle parameters so that it looks more rainy.
  • Also ground splash FX that many users feel not looks great is disabled.

Flashlight Patch:
  • NAC X is shipped with custom Pipboy flashlight/Power Armor headlamp. Unfortunately they just don't work in VR. So they are reverted back to vanilla's with NAC X parameters.
  • As a bonus, compatibility for Pip VR Light is embedded. Install a gobo file from the mod and Pipboy becomes a flashlight.

Setting Menu Edits:
  • Insignificant or not working entries for VR are hidden from in game NAC X settings menu. These include settings for FOV or 3rd person camera.

== Installation ==