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A Flashlight like light mod for your pipboy in VR.

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This mod changes the standard PipBoy light into a more flashlight like light. 

  • Three options for the distance the light shines.
  • Three options for the size of the light bundle. 
  • Choose to have the lightbundle emit from the front of the Vive Wand aimed in gun style, or along it's length axis aimed in flashlight style.
  • For Rift owners an option to emit the light at an angle more logical for Touch controllers.

You can mix and match these options as needed. 

The main download includes the Medium options with light emitted from the front with gun style aiming.

The mod is for VR only. In the normal version of Fallout 4 the light wil be oriented wrong.


  • Copy the data folder from the zip to your fallout install folder.
  • (Optional) Choose options and copy the data folder from the option zips to your fallout install folder.
    Allow to overwrite when prompted.
  • Add the following line to your Plugins.txt:

If you prefer a white light but do not want a white pipboy interface you can add the following lines to you Fallout4VrCustom.ini



Remove the following line from your plugins.txt:


Known issues:
To get around not having access to the actual connection node for the light and the archive invalidation issues,  a custom gobo is used to simulate a flashlight effect.  It's just the pipboy light as handled by the game with a texture to mask of some light to make it look like a flashlight
This apparently comes with a few annoying trade-offs. 

  • The omni shadow casting light  doesn't behave as expected. It casts shadows seemingly at random from wrong directions. This kind of light just wasn't made to be used like this I think.
    This means I probably won't offer shadowcasting light as an option
  • Since the light does not cast shadows, you can shine the light right through everything.  So does the vanilla piboy light and headlamp so I think I'm ok with that.
  • The omi casting light does not behave as expected. It seems to cast light along a hand made uv map that has a few overlapping triangles. Two overlapping planer mapped half-spheres. This means there's a light leak right  180 degrees behind your light. You only see this when you look for it.
  • Not much room for options here. Colour is handled by the pipboy colour. At best I could supply coloured gobo's