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Tweaks for V.A.T.S. (Affects targeting, combat, SlowMo effects, Mysterious Stranger, disable killcam and critical hit cam, critical bar, hit-chance, engage distance,)

Permissions and credits
My english is bad, so I'll explain it in short.

This mod was created with FO4Edit for Fallout 4 v1.2.33.0

--- TWEAKS ---

!!! NOTE !!! : ALL plugins can work separately and does not require any other plugins.
"Bullet Fly" and "Bullets Fly - Addons" have similar names, but "Bullet Fly - Addons" does not require "Bullets Fly" plugins to be installed.


NOTE: Use dDefinder's No VATS Damage Reduction mod to remove or modify the 90% damage reduction in VATS. It's fully compatible.

NOTE:  See my other mod  - Ring of Highlighting

Selecting Target Phase:            
            - Affects SlowMo effect in selecting target phase.
Targeting - Pause       
                           - Completely stop time. Simular to Fallout 3
Targeting - Slow           
                         - Slower than default
Targeting - ReallySlow   
                         - Much slower than default
Targeting - SlowMo      
                          - Faster than default. Simular to effect of Jet
Targeting - RealTime   
                          - No SlowMo effect

Combat Phase:
                                      - Affects SlowMo and FireRate in combat phase. (Doesn't affects critical shots and KillCam.)                       
Combat - VT                                           - Similar to vanilla target selecting - the time around you is almost stopped. (Much slower than vanilla)

Combat - SlowMo                                    -
Simular to effect of Jet.
Combat - RealTime
                        - No SlowMo in combat phase.

Combat - Vanilla - FR+25                         - Player shoots 25% faster.
Combat - VT - FR+25
Combat - SlowMo - FR+25
Combat - RealTime - FR+25

Combat - Vanilla - 1stPerson                    - "First person only" version. Affects ranged and melee combat.
Combat - VT - 1stPerson
Combat - SlowMo - 1stPerson
Combat - RealTime - 1stPerson

Combat Phase Cams:                              - Affects cameras in combat phase.
Disable Cripple Cam                                - Disable camera, which shows when enemy gets crippled wound.
Disable Reverse Cam                               - Disable camera, which shows combat from target perspective.
Disable Cripple and Reverse Cams            - Disable both cameras.

KillCam and Critical:                             - Affects KillCam and Critical Shots. (Doesn't affects Mysterious Stranger KillCam)
Disable KillCam                                       - Disable only KillCam.
                                                                KillCam will be enabled when you use Critical Shot and when Critical Hit is happens.
                                                                Melee KillCam will be disabled, but melee KillMoves still will be enabled.

Disable KillCam and CriticalCam               - Disable Critical Cam and KillCam. (Completely disable KillCam)

                                                                Melee KillCam will be disabled, but melee KillMoves still will be enabled.

KillMove                                                 - Disable KillMoves. (
Doesn't disable melee KillCam)
Disable KillMove

Combined ESP                                        - Disable KillMove, KillCam, Critical Cam,
Cripple Cam and Reverse Cam.
Disable ALL


Mysterious Stranger
:                             -
Affects Mysterious Stranger cams.
Stranger - Vanilla - x2                             - Cameras is x2 faster. Vanilla version.
Stranger - Vanilla - Faster                       - Cameras is much faster. All the action takes about 2-3 seconds. Vanilla version.
Stranger - RealTime - x2                         - Cameras is x2 faster. RealTime version.
Stranger - RealTime - Faster                   - Cameras is much faster. All the action takes about 2-3 seconds. RealTime version.

KCMod - BulletFly                                  - Replace most KillCams with BulletFly cam.
BulletFly KillCam

BulletFly Cams                                      - Affects BulletFly cam.
Bullet x3 Faster                                      - Bullet flies x3 faster. Prevent bullet from disappearing in some cameras.
Bullet x3 Faster + Longer Cam                 - Bullet flies x3 faster. BulletFly cam last until bullet is reaches target.

VATSTweaks - HitChance Rebalance: *   - HitChance will be less affected by the distance and more by perception. (see image)
Rebalance - Vanilla Distance                    - Max engage distance is doesn't changed.
Rebalance - Distance x1.5                       - Max engage distance is set to 7500.
Rebalance - Distance x2                          - Max engage distance is set to 10000.

VATSTweaks - Critical Hit Bar: *             -
Determines how quickly filled critical bar
CritHitBar - x1.5                                     (It changes the basic value, so x3 doesn't mean that bar will be filled 3 times faster.)
CritHitBar - x2
CritHitBar - x3
CritHitBar - U-VATS                                 - Ultimate V.A.T.S. version. To fully fell critical bar you need only 6 hits with 1 Luck, 2 hits with 10 Luck.

VATSTweaks - HitChance: *                    - Increase chance to hit in V.A.T.S
HitChance - x1.1                                    - Increase hit-chance for every body part in V.A.T.S.
HitChance - x1.2                                      If hit-chance for torso was 50% by default, than "HitChance - x1.5" will set it to 75%
HitChance - x1.3
HitChance - x1.4
HitChance - x1.5
HitChance - U-VATS                                 - Ultimate V.A.T.S. version. You always have 95% chance to hit in V.A.T.S.

VATSTweaks - Engage Distance:              - Increases or decreases the distance from which you can target NPCs.
Distance - x0.5                                        - Distance set to 2500 (default 5000)
Distance - x1.5                                        - Distance set to 7500. Hit-Chance was reworked and balanced to fit Vanilla.
Distance - x2                                          
- Distance set to 10000. Hit-Chance was reworked and balanced to fit Vanilla.

Ultimate V.A.T.S v1.2                             - Makes V.A.T.S a REAL targeting system.
                                                 ( Ultimate V.A.T.S. is not compatible with plugins marked with yellow star * )
 - You always have 95% chance to hit in V.A.T.S
 - To fully fell critical bar you need only 6 hits with 1 Luck, 2 hits with 10 Luck.
 - Now you have only 35 AP with 1 Agility (default 65), up to 80 AP with 10 Agility (default 160). So number of action you can do in V.A.T.S is halved.
   With low agility many weapons can be used in V.A.T.S only once, some can't be used at all. With high agility thay can be used twice, but some high
   damaging weapon (like 50cal rifle or fatman) can be used just once.
 - AP drain for sprint and jetpack was halwed, so you can run and jump as always.
every change can be installed separately

 - Download "Ultimate V.A.T.S." and install it with NMM
 - Download and unpack "ResetAP.zip", and place "ResetAP.txt" in you Data folder
 - Load your saved game
 - Open console and enter "bat ResetAP"
 - Save you game
 - Play

 - Uninstall "Ultimate V.A.T.S" with NMM.
 - Load your saved game
 - Open console and enter "bat ResetAP"
 - Save you game

Delete "ResetAP.txt" from yore Data folder

 --- ChangeLog ---

v1.0 - HitChance Rebalance was reworked. Added Distance options for HitChance Rebalance.
v0.9.7 - Added
1stPerson plugins in Combat section
v0.9.6 - Added KillMove and Combined sections
v0.9.5 -
Reorganize mod a little. Added Disable Reverse Cam plugin.
v0.9 - Added BulletFly and BulletFly - Addon sections.
v0.8.5 - Added
Mysterious Stranger section.
v0.8 - Added
Combat - VT and FireRate - VT. Targeting - Pause set 5 times slower.
v0.7.6 - Fixed KillCam bugs.

v0.7.4 - Fixed problem with NMM.
v0.7.3 - Finish remaking plugins with FO4Edit. VATSTweaks - HitChance was updated. Added VATSTweaks - HitChance Rebalance.
v0.7.1 - Fixed missile launcher and fatman killcams.
v0.7 - Added Combat Phase - Addons and KillCam and Critical - Addons sections.
v0.6 - Start to remake plugins with FO4Edit. Added VATSTweaks - Engage Distance. Fixed some mistakes.
v0.5.5 - Added
VATST-HitChance-Rebalance and files from Ultimate V.A.T.S.
v0.5 -
Added "VATSTweaks - Rate of Fire" and "VATSTweaks - KillCam and Critical" sections.
v0.4.6 - Updated VATST-Combat-RealTime and VATST-Combat-RealTimeALL.esp. PC shoots 35% faster. Fixed some cameras.

v0.4.5 - Added "VATST - Ultimate V.A.T.S" in optional section

v0.4 - Added "VATST-Combat-SlowMo.esp" in Combat section
v0.3 - NMM compatible