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This mod aims to overhaul the Water textures, reflections, opacity, specularity and general look of the water in Fallout 4 to be more realistic and water like.

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Welcome to Vivid Waters - a water overhaul for Fallout 4

This mod aims to overhaul the Groundwater (River, Lakes, Ocean) in Fallout 4 with
custom water textures and settings to make it look more Realistic and "Watery like".
It DOES NOT change any Splash, dripping or Puddle Textures because there are already good mods out there and i see
no reason to invent the wheel twice.

Please join and support us

- New Water Texture to make it look more like real waves
- Optimized water reflections to make it look more like water
- Enhanced Water settings for clear coasts and more crisp water
- Enhanced Water fog fades to reduce the sharp water borders on the Terrain

PLEASE NOTICE: Vivid Waters is actual Final Beta - so it is not 100% Perfect but i need YOU to find and rule out bugs.

1. Install with your Favorite Mod manager
2. Make sure it is loaded AFTER the mod WET

Vivid Water comes in Two Editions:
Vanilla - Can be used with Vanilla Fallout 4 that has no Weather mod installed
VW Version - This is a Compatible version for Vivid Weathers so the sky reflections are reduced and
it can also be used as alternative version for ENB users who experience too high reflections

Vivid Water is Compatible with:
- any Puddle overaul
- WET aslong Vivid Water is Loaded Afterwards! Otherwise you render this mod useless
- Vivid Weathers (of course)

Following mods are good to have
Real Water Reflections - a Guide to enhance Water Reflections (see bugs!)
WET - Water Enhancement Textures - Always Load VW after WET! This adds more Highres Textures to water effects and can
be used as nice addon for Vivid Waters.

A strange Blue Line can appear in the distance on the Water - this is a LOD issue and
if CK would not be crashing on me while generating LOD's i might be able to solve that one.
A strange circle appears around the Player causing water reflections, this happend to me when i changed the Fallout ini
files according to the Real Water Reflections mod. So it must be a ini problem.