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Automatically add item sorting tags to all items for all common item sorters. Highly versatile and completely configurable: custom processing rules, custom tag sets, custom naming rules. You can just change anything to your liking. Standard rules support most custom mods out-of-the-box.

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M8r98a4f2's Complex Sorter

Automatically add item sorting tags to all items for all common item sorters. Highly versatile and completely configurable: custom processing rules, custom tag sets, custom naming rules. You can just change anything to your liking. Standard rules support most custom mods out-of-the-box.

I have build the Complex Sorter for the prepared Item Sort shipped with FallUI. And a few users asked for the script. So here it is! It has grown in the meanwhile... Now you can customize just anything. Just take a look at the screenshots.

(Uses parts of Ruddy88's Simple Sorter - Usage permission is granted by Ruddy88. Uses MXPF library by Mator, usage is granted via MXPF license)

Add Item Sorting tags to all items in all mods (vanilla and downloaded). You don't need endless item sorting patch files anymore, just one for all. Also have internal plugins that do various other tasks, like weightless items, add body slot numbers, patch recipes to be available for a specific workbench...
The default configuration will create an ESP exactly like the ones in the "FallUI Item Sorter Mod" packages, but with all your items from all your mods!
Just lean back and let the script do the work.

Important: Needs FO4Edit
If F04Edit is unknown to you and you haven't the intention to learn a little bit more about Fallout 4's modding, this mod is probably nothing for you.
This script is highly automated, but you still need to start it.
If you just want a ready-to-go package, simply install FIS - The New FallUI Item Sorter in Light or Basic mode!

Supported item sorters
Complex Sorter can automatically generate item sorting patches for the following item sorters:


  • All the good stuff you know from Ruddy88's Simple Sorter
    • Automatically tags all items in your loaded ESPs, creating a patched ESP with all items in your game configuration
    • Can be re-executed for a new mod setup at any time
    • Automatic added components tags
  • Language independent (Uses your game language for all your generated files - Including automatic translation of Ruddy88s INNR rules)
  • Complete customizable dynamic processing rules - You can change everything, starting by the filter conditions, over the classification rules till the final tag set.
    • Allows easy adding of individual custom-mod processing rules. If the automatic detection miss some items - just add a processing rule to fix it!
    • Included graphical Processing Rules Editor with new-rule-assistant.  Just click together your perfect tagging!
    • You can define rules globally for all records or just for one specific mod. The rules are processed in an easy intuitive order: First the mod specific, then the global ones. Additionally all rules you define have higher priority than the standard rules, so you can adjust everything to fit your mod list.
    • Plugins can change nearly everything from just injecting processing rules to modifying records field by a complex control script.
    • The plugins have own user settings, that you simple define in one line in your plugin file. The setting is then available to the user in the main GUI. Available settings types: bool, int, float, string
    • Plugins can have complex scripting, which allows to perform nearly any possible action on the record. For more details please look at the topic "Documentation: Plugin system" on this page.
    • Plugins are defined as INI files. Most F04-users know the ini basics, so even non-programmers can perform simpler changes by them-self.
  • Adds a wide range of weapon type tags automatically to vanilla and custom mod weapons. Supports multiple methods to cover all possible namings: Injecting in INDR-INNR record, writing item name in record and writing item name in unique item templates.
  • Adds many apparel tags based on damage resistance and body part coverage just by the standard rule set. Also adds more ammunition classification tags and more misc item tags.
  • Includes rules for all vanilla weapon item tags. Complete tagging for all Fallout 4 items and most custom mods.
  • Injects heuristic INNR rules to custom mods for precise item tagging
  • Automatic detection of weapon type through heuristic classification rules, allowing to tag custom mod weapon correctly
  • Supports multiple output tag sets like FallUI, Ruddy88's or VIS-G tag set. You can also create your own custom tag set (via tags.ini). The selected output tag set will automatically used by all processing rules. So you can generate appropriate tags for different Item Sorters with just a drop-down change.
  • All heuristic naming rules and injected INNR rules can be configured. (rules-innr.ini)
  • Intelligent caching system greatly speed up the processing - especially on the second run. Auto-detect rules and settings changes and renew the cache on-demand.
  • Fast update-mode - If you just added mods you can just add the missing items. Greatly reduces needed patching time. (Won't work for mod removals)
  • Save previous selected settings in ini file. This will be pre-selected on next script start.
  • Multiple setting profiles: Save all Complex Sorter menu settings as a named profile and restore it at any time.


  • Install FO4Edit
  • Install this mod with your preferred installation mode, choose one:
    • 1) Simple (recommended) - As mod manager mod
      • Simply install this mod with your mod manager.
      • Create a new tool(Vortex)/executable(Mod Organizer 2) pointing to the "Complex Sorter.bat" in the mod.
      • Set the "Start in" directory in the target/executable to your FO4Edit folder (where fo4edit.exe is).
    • 2) Experienced - Into the FO4Edit folder
      • Download the mod package as manual download.
      • Copy the Complex Sorter files from the zip folder "FO4Edit\Edit Scripts\" to your FO4Edit's folder "...\F04Edit\Edit Scripts\".
  • (Optional) For Vortex users: Install the optional empty ESP file to prevent an one-time warning, because Vortex doesn't know the new ESP.

Quick start
Here is a quick start to get your first patch with a 99% item coverage in most cases.

TL;DR: Install. Start Complex Sorter. Set your wanted settings in the GUI. Press "Generate Patch". Generated patch must be last in LO.

Quick start step by step

  • 1) Preparations
    • Install this mod according to above installation instructions.
    • If you currently use a pre-built FallUI Item Sorter ESP (e.g. M8r_Item_Tags_Vanilla.esp), uninstall or disable it - You will build your own!
    • Make sure you have a item sorter tag configuration installed. For the new FallUI item sorting install this: FIS - The New FallUI Item Sorter - Select mode Pro in the FOMOD installation.
    • If you have many mods: Make sure you have a free slot in your load order. (Note: The patch can't be at LO position 254 or 255)
  • 2) Start
    • For simple installation: Start the tool/executable.
    • For experienced installation: Start FO4Edit in your mod manager. Right-click on any esp in the left list and select "Apply Script...". Then select "M8r_ComplexSorter" and click OK.
  • 3) Generation
    • Watch the "Input ESPs" list. This defaults to all mods. If you want some mod to be not processed simply remove it.
    • Check the plugins for your personal preference (weightless items, radio tags, quest tags, ...)
    • Click on "Generate Patch" and watch the magic
  • 4) Done
    • Important: Make sure the generated patch is always at the end of your load order.
    • Remember to regenerate your patch when you add, remove or change mods.


  • All standard configuration is for FIS. So be sure to check the configuration if you like to use it with any other item sorting mod.
  • Use shift+click for esp selection at F04Edit to greatly speedup start time. (This turn off reference building, which isn't needed for the script)
  • Add "-nobuildrefs" to your FO4Edit start arguments to automate that shift-click!
  • Add "-autoload" to your FO4Edit start arguments to bypass the first mod selection box (This will load plugins according to your plugins.txt like the game)
  • Start Complex Sorter with hotkey Ctrl+Y in F04Edit (Only for experienced install! Requires also one manual start once)
  • Check the other plugins for your personal preferences (like [Valueable] tag, armor body slots, armor body part tags etc.)
  • If you like to disable R88_SimpleSorter.esp afterwards, activate "Include all R88 INNR records" in advanced options.
  • If you want weightless items, enable the plugin Weightless Items. (You can configure its settings too if you like)
  • If you want radio and station tags, enable the plugin Radio Tags. For radio tags you also have to enable ACTI and MESG record types.
  • TIP for LOOT users: Define item sorting mod ESP as "Dynamic patch", so it will be sorted to the end automatically!
  • TIP for Vortex users: Go to plugins list. Double click the CS output file. Choose "Dynamic Patches" from the drop down group tab. Now Vortex will sort it automatically at the bottom properly! (Thanks to shrad1994 for this tip)

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Credits and thanks
Ruddy88's (Simple Sorter)
The whole FO4Edit team (FO4EDIT)
MatorTheExternal (MXPF)
The NEXUS community!