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Just some item sorting for DEF_UI, without any dependencies.

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This is an item sorting mod, made primarily to provide icons for DEF_UI. The goal was to make it mostly non-intrusive and close to vanilla, and to ensure pretty much everything recieves a tag.

  • No additional dependencies
  • Weapons and Armor will have at least the tags [Gun], [Armor] or [Clothing], if it can't be narrowed down further.
  • Besides the tag, names should be as in vanilla.
  • Inventory grouping: (Keyring, Notes, Holotapes, Magazines, Food, Chems, Drinks, Explosives, Syringer Ammo, Valuables
    • Keyring: under MISC, stores keys
    • Notes: under MISC, stores notes, newspapers and such
    • Holotapes: under MISC, stores holotapes and games
    • Magazines: under MISC, stores (perk) magazines
    • Food: under AID, stores most edible things
    • Drinks: under AID, stores water, nuka cola, alcohol etc
    • Chems and Tools: under AID, stores chems and things like Stealth-Boys
    • Explosives: under WEAPONS, stores grenades and mines
    • Syringer Ammo: under AMMO, stores ammo for the Syringer
    • Valuables: under MISC, stores collectibles and valuable items

Without AWKCR, there is only so much Instance Naming Rules can do.
  • No distinction is made between left and right limb armors. There is only one tag for arms and one for legs.
  • Most pieces of clothing recieve the same generic [Clothing] tag.
  • No special tags for Super Mutant armor, it will recieve the generic [Armor] tag instead.
  • Will conflict with AWKCR, so if you want to use it, consider using VIS-G instead.

This mod uses a FOMOD installer.

On the first page, you can select the main features of this mod:
  • DEF_UI files will install the config files for DEF_UI. And also a slightly tweaked icons file.
  • Instance Naming Rules will install ESL files overriding instance naming rules, which should give tag to most equipment
  • Item Tags will install ESL-flagged ESP files, overriding most items, to add tags to them
In most cases, you'll want to check all of these. But you disable some, if you know what you are doing.

You can also select the optional LWIS Tweaks file. It removes scrapping from certain unique/quest objects, like Pre-War money, MacCready's Soldier, or the Gilded Grasshopper.

On the following pages, select which DLCs you have. Depending on the selection, it will install either merged all-DLC files, only files for the base game, or various files for the base game and some DLCs.

LWIS is not compatible with any other sorting mod, and will have issues with AWKCR, too.
Mods which change items, like "weightless" mods, or scrap overhauls, will need patches based on them.

No weightless options or similar will be provided for this.

If you use the Unofficial Patch, you should use the script to generate an LWIS patch for it, too. Regenerate it each time if updates. Load this generated patch below any LWIS-Overrides* files, if you have them. Do not load the LWIS-Overrides* files to generate this patch.

Alternative icon libraries for DEF_UI should work in general. However, icons for limb armors might have an L or R letter next to them.
The only thing I did to LWIS's version of the icon library was removing these letters, since it cannot distinguish between left and right.

In most cases, patches made for VIS/VIS-G should also be viable for LWIS.

I added a "LWISifier" script to my script collection.
The way the script works is: it grabs the winning override, which is still above the selected target file, and run on that, whenever it's the one you applied the script on or not. However, if it finds a tag like [Foo] in any of the losing overrides, it will be using that.

Use a workflow like this for best results:
  • Open Fo4Edit. Files you should be loading:
    • The mods you want to generate patches for
    • Mods which override the previous mods, if you want to keep these overrides. Things which rename items, change values, weight, etc.
    • The existing auto-generated patch, if you have one already
    • LWIS-Tweaks, if you have
  • You don't have to load the LWIS-INNRs* files
  • Do not load the LWIS-Overrides* files, if you have them.
  • Apply LWISifier.pas to the mods in question. You can select the existing patch file as target file.
  • If Fo4Edit crashes on you, or runs into problems, you can try applying the script on the mods separately, saving inbetween
  • Repeat this for each new mod you install