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Mr Gardener robot for providing gardening services within a Settlement

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Settlement Gardener Bot

Version 3.0


Mr Gardener robot for providing gardening services within a Settlement.

Key Features:

• Automatic Operation
• Limited to one Mr Gardener per Settlement
• Mr Gardener restores damaged crops to healthy condition
• Mr Gardener harvests ripened crops and stores them in the Workshop
• Create multiple Assistant Gardeners per Settlement
• Assistant Gardeners tend the crops for harvesting by Mr Gardener
• Assistant Gardeners are automatically assigned to crops for tending
• Assistant Gardeners increase settlement population just like Settlers
• The robots each provide a workshop rating Happiness Bonus
• Activate a Station Pod or Mr Gardener to modify global default settings
• For construction, look for Gardener Robots (a coiled Garden Hose icon) towards the far right of the Workshop's main menu
• Four categories: Mister Gardener (Pre-War), Assistant Gardener (Pre-War), Mister Gardener (Post-War), Assistant Gardener (Post-War)

This mod provides a "lore friendly" approach for automatically providing gardening services within a Settlement by enabling you to assign that task to a RobCo Mister Gardener Protectron robot.  Simply place the robot's station pod on the ground with easy access to settlement crops, and then feel free to resume your adventures.  The robot will perform a sensor scan periodically to find crops that need tending in the surrounding area and returns to its station pod when that work is completed.

Mister Gardener restores crops that have been damaged or destroyed by Raiders and other settlement enemies.  It is then the task of Settlers (or Assistant Gardener robots) to tend those crops for a sustainable food supply.  When crops ripen they are automatically harvested by Mr Gardener and transferred to Workshop inventory.

Activate a Station Pod (or Mister Gardener) to modify the default settings that apply to all Mister Gardener robots, and to reset Mister Gardener robots if they become confused or stuck while traveling.

Assistant Gardeners increase settlement population and automatically tend crops for eventual harvesting by Mr Gardener (if present). They are an optional alternative for regular crop-tending Settlers and/or Automatron DLC robots -- a single Assistant Gardener is able to tend as many crops as a single Settler. Assistant Gardeners can be transferred to other settlements when needed elsewhere, or dismissed with their original construction resources restored to the workshop.

If too many Assistant Gardeners are created for too few existing crops, the idle robots will be indicated (in Workshop mode) as being Unassigned. Simply ignore it, or scrap the extra robots, or plant additional crops so that the extra robots can be automatically assigned to those crops by the game.

There is a brief initial mission / quest.  It normally begins after escaping from Vault 111.  For those using an "alternate start" mod, it begins while outdoors in the Commonwealth (the main game area) -- or try visiting Sanctuary Hills and stand near the Workshop for a few minutes.

How To Build:

Mister Gardener is placed in a settlement by using a WorkShop to build a Station Pod.  The station pod can be found in the Gardener Robots (a coiled Garden Hose icon) section of the WorkShop's main building menu when an initial quest ("Green Thumb") is completed.  The quest appears shortly after leaving Vault 111 for normal play, or when outdoors in the Commonwealth when using an "alternate start" mod.  If the quest does not appear when expected, then double-check to confirm that this mod has been enabled.

It is best to position the Station Pod on the ground (not in a building and not on a platform) near the settlement's garden, or in a central area if crops are in multiple places around the settlement. If positioned above ground, be sure to build appropriate ramps and stairways that can be easily used for leaving and returning to the pod.

Assistant Gardeners can also be constructed for settlements, but unlike Mr Gardener they do not have a Station Pod.

Various choices for robots are provided and include both Pre-War and Post-War models.

How To Dismiss:

Mr Gardener can be dismissed from gardening service either by using Store to place his station pod in the settlement's workshop, or by using Scrap for disassembly. These can be done while Mr Gardener is strolling idly near the pod or while slumped inactive near the pod. If currently standing inside the pod, first issue a "Check Crop Status" command and wait for the robot to exit from the pod, and then either use Store or Scrap while Mr Gardener is strolling idly nearby or is slumped inactive.

The gardening assistants (Mr Farmer, Mr Fireman, Mr Handy) can be dismissed by instructing them to "Pause Crop Tending" or to be disassemble via "Dismiss This Robot".


Install using a mod manager, or unpack the mod and copy the .ESP/.ESL and .BA2 files into the game's \DATA folder, then enable the mod.

Position this mod's .ESP/.ESL file to be as low as it will go in your "Load Order" sequence. This helps to ensure that the robots perform as best they can by overriding any conflicting mods. If you know with absolute certainty that there are no conflicting mods, then this mod can be positioned anywhere your installer normally allows.

Install ESP or ESL?

If you are reaching the maximum allowed number of .ESP installs, and want to install more mods, then install the .ESL versions of those new mods ...

Back-in-the-day, many players were reaching the maximum number of allowed .ESP installs, so Bethesda introduced a way to permit more via .ESL files.

The Light Master (.ESL) file is an optimized file format introduced in the Fallout 4 v1.10 update. Using Light Master files allows more plugins (mods and patch mods) to be installed than previously possible with .ESP files. For .ESP files there is a limit of 255, whereas a maximum of 4096 .ESL files can be loaded (but in practice is difficult to achieve due to other technical constraints).

Both file types can be used together, which means you can install just .ESP files if your install count remains below the .ESP maximum, or just .ESL files if your count remains below the .ESL maximum, or some of both such as using .ESP files initially and then adding .ESL files thereafter when the maximum for .ESP has been reached.

ESP/ESL Compatibility:

Saved games that currently use an .ESP mod are not compatible with an .ESL of that same mod.  Similarly, saved games that are currently using the .ESL for a mod are not compatible with an .ESP of that same mod.   That is a basic game restriction in terms of switching between .ESP and .ESL versions of a mod. There is no "fix" or workaround -- it is inherent in the game's design.

So, to switch from .ESP to .ESL, or from .ESL to .ESP, you must:

1 ) uninstall the mod
2 ) load the current saved game
3 ) create a new saved game (while that mod is not installed)
4 ) install the other download of that mod
5 ) resume play with that newly created saved game

Objects and NPCs provided by the mod will not be there now and must be created once more.  Similarly, quests will need to be done again.


No special requirements. DLCs are not needed.

Compatibility Limitations:

This mod and my other mods might or might not work correctly with Sim Settlements and Transfer Settlements. The same is true for mods which adversely affect my mods by altering base-game locations and base-game content which my mods depend upon.

There is no support for compatibility issues with those, and there are no plans to provide compatibility patches.

Known Issues:

• These robots have not been tested with other mods that assign or reassign settlement workers, or mods that control worker behavior and activity, and so might have issues if/when such mods attempt to do those things; e.g. Sim Settlements.

• "You cannot use this at this time" or various "Busy" messages might appear when interacting with a Station Pod -- wait a moment and try again, or interact with Mr Gardener instead.  Similarly for the Assistant Gardeners.

• The robots may not always be able to travel to crops that need tending.  A robot may instead have difficulty figuring out how to get from one place to another.  When that happens the crops will be tended automatically.  Activate the Station Pod to issue a "reset" if Mr Gardener ever becomes completely stuck or confused, and activate the individual robot to issue a "reset" if a Gardening Assistant ever becomes completely stuck or confused.

• If this mod's initial quest is not starting for you after being installed with the Vortex mod manager, it might be because it has not been properly activated/enabled.  If you click PLUGINS within Vortex, you will then see which mods are truly activated/enabled or not (whereas the MODS section sometimes shows incorrect information). Within that PLUGINS interface you can activate/enable the mods that were not properly set when installed.

• If you are starting a new character and you have quite a few Creation Club mods or patches installed, then you should also install the Creation Club Delayed mod. It prevents too many of those running at the same time, which can block this mod from starting. It can be found here: Creation Club Delayed.

• If this mod's initial quest is not starting for you, and you have quite a few Creation Club mods or patches installed, then you might have too many quests running at once with this mod's quest being blocked. To fix that, try installing the Creation Club Delayed mod which can be found here: Creation Club Delayed.

Known Conflicts:

• There is a conflict with "Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch" that is resolved by installing v2.4 or later of this mod.

• The initial quest can be prevented from starting, or become stalled part-way through, when using a buggy "quick start" or "alternate start" mod.  The quest normally begins a short while after exiting from Vault 111 for the first time, or a short while after loading a saved game when already outdoors in the Commonwealth.  Otherwise, it might (or might not) begin when standing for a few minutes outdoors at the Sanctuary Hills workbench.

• If you experience crashes while traveling during the initial quest, it is then highly likely that some other mod has been installed that "breaks" the Vault 111 area (or possibly the Sanctuary settlement) thereby preventing this mod from working correctly.

• Robots look too small or too large? SCOURGE F4SE (available only via Discord) is probably the reason why.

To Uninstall:

Uninstall with the mod manager that was used for the original install, or delete SettlementGardenBot files.


This mod may not be reused in part or whole for any purpose other than its original intent.  It may not be uploaded to any other web site.

Get in touch with me if you wish to discuss translation into a non-English language; prior approval is mandatory.

Change Log:

See the Change Log to review what is included in each update.


Bethesda Softworks - for the original Models and Textures [I merely provided the ingenuity and scripting to bring Mister Gardener "to life"]

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In Memoriam:

In memory of my Father (may he Rest In Peace) who was a model airplane maker (gliders & gas powered) and an RC enthusiast.