Fallout 4

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This mod is a general overhaul of the Robot / Automatron DLC mechanics, plus some settlement objects. The #1 Rust Devil quality of life mod.

Permissions and credits
***BETA - Should be Stable***

At first glance, this mod may seem like it's just a merge of other mods that already exist. I assure you that it is not. Although it did start that way, I went through and cleaned up / improved upon all of them.

Here is the list of changes this mod makes:

  • Custom Makeshift Robot Workbench object (found nowhere else!)
  • Workshop settlement objects from BRB (Blood, Rust, & Bone), now script injected, so no conflicts
  • Robots will no longer ask to join you when you walk past them.
  • Robots now have dialogue options when assigned as Vendors or Doctors
  • Increased the amount of junk found by Eyebot Pods
  • Vanilla Robots now use Automatron Parts and can be modified.
  • Robotics Expert level 1 now unlocks the Robot Workbench, Starts the Automatron quest line, and allows you to Assign Robot Provisioners (not including codsworth, ada, curie)
  • Robotics Expert level 2 unlocks Telecommand Robot Hacking (uses different range method than any other I've seen)
  • Robotics Expert level 3 unlocks all robot parts regardless of completing quests. (includes Nuka-World parts)
  • Fixes 3rd Person┬ábug where robot hacking returns you to 1st Person view instead of 3rd Person view

Works great as foundation mod for your robotic needs. This is my first mod, but I have some development experience in my background. Please report any bugs.

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