Fallout 4

About this mod

This mod is a general overhaul of the Robot / Automatron DLC mechanics, plus some settlement objects. The #1 Rust Devil quality of life mod.

Permissions and credits
***BETA - Should be Stable***

At first glance, this mod may seem like it's just a merge of other mods that already exist. I assure you that it is not. Although it did start that way, I went through and cleaned up / improved upon all of them.

Here is the list of changes this mod makes:

  • Custom Makeshift Robot Workbench object (found nowhere else!)
  • Workshop settlement objects from BRB (Blood, Rust, & Bone), now script injected, so no conflicts
  • Robots will no longer ask to join you when you walk past them.
  • Robots now have dialogue options when assigned as Vendors or Doctors
  • Increased the amount of junk found by Eyebot Pods
  • Vanilla Robots now use Automatron Parts and can be modified.
  • Robotics Expert level 1 now unlocks the Robot Workbench, Starts the Automatron quest line, and allows you to Assign Robot Provisioners (not including codsworth, ada, curie)
  • Robotics Expert level 2 unlocks Telecommand Robot Hacking (uses different range method than any other I've seen)
  • Robotics Expert level 3 unlocks all robot parts regardless of completing quests. (includes Nuka-World parts)
  • Fixes 3rd Person bug where robot hacking returns you to 1st Person view instead of 3rd Person view

Works great as foundation mod for your robotic needs. This is my first mod, but I have some development experience in my background. Please report any bugs.

UPDATE 05-22-20: I've gotten requests for the following that I'm going to try and add to this mod in the future:
 - Robot provisions randomly become vanilla, removing all mods (maybe fixed)
 - Hacked Robots can be converted to settlers
 - Add magazine commands to hacked bots

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