About this mod

A fairly extensive overhaul that will give you a more consistent, challenging and fun experience with many neat features.

Permissions and credits
Fallout 4 was majorly bogus, so I made it totally gnarly.

This gameplay overhaul is an attempt at making the game more fun and interesting with many new features like bullet & laser projectiles, non-VATS random crits, deadly combat AI, live dismemberment, big perk alterations, harder stealth, a few restored cut items, new craftable attachments & items, NPC health scaling & ranges, food & chem alterations, new chems, fun lootboxes, faster melee & more.
You will have a more challenging and fun experience where the game world won't feel like it revolves completely around you and what matters the most is your perks, equipment and your own skill, your level is mostly irrelevant.

The overhaul has been primarily balanced aroundVery Hard.

However any other difficulty setting you prefer is good too of course.

Please note that the mod is not balanced for survival mode(it is automatically compatible however) and as such you might have to use something like Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance to make it better balanced or to your personal preference.

I highly recommend getting Valdacil's Item Sorting & DEF_UI and using the VIS patch from this overhaul.

Please check out the bottom of the description page to see highly recommended mods that go great with this overhaul.

Weapons will fire real projectiles, both bullets and lasers, bullets are loosely based on real life statistics and lasers are like 'laser blasters' from your favorite cheesy sci-fi movies, next to no performance impact
Each point of Luck conveys a 0.5% chance to inflict a random critical hit with any weapon, can be improved with perks
Armor values have been altered for most things, in general armor pieces are weaker than normal and certain Outfit items may actually be viable options for once
You can relay in temporary turrets with a "Poseidon Turret Relay Grenade", fairly rare but can be amazing support in tough battles if thrown in a good spot
Many alterations to almost every single weapon in the game, both player and NPC weapons
Automatic receivers do -15% less damage compared to their semi-automatic counterparts
Explosives are deadlier, most things explode in a wider radius and nukes are quite massive, Duck and Cover!
Pulse Grenades only work on non-organic targets
New custom attachments, for example Dragon's Breath receiver, Quad Missile Pod and Hellrazer
New craftables, for example Discombobulator Grenades, Incendiary Grenades and Bouncing Betty
NPC's will use up grenades, no more infinite grenade spam!
Vertibirds will, depending on their rank, fire various deadly explosive projectiles from their front cannons, keep an eye on the sky
The Flamer can be equipped with a Napalm Tank which shoots gravity-enabled long reaching sticky flames that burn the ground for a duration
Lower caliber weapons will not be able to dismember anything
The Flare Gun has custom attachments, like Combat Flares, Volatile Flares or the very powerful Lightning Flares
Molotovs deal no impact damage but will burn stronger and for longer
Missiles fly much faster & have some trajectory drop
Homing Beacons(which are craftable) will call down a massive devastating explosion
Recoil is more intense in general for firearms but can be reduced
Assaultron Head does not inflict any radiation damage to the player, what a weird feature that was
Weapons will deal more damage when 'Out of Range'
Tesla Rifle is a high-end weapon with very high ammo efficiency and powerful upgrades
Alien Blaster fires slow-moving target seeking exploding projectiles, to use target seeking simply aim down sights at something
Most guns are "Very Loud" instead of "Normal or "Loud", this will make NPC's notice gunshots a lot better and give you an even bigger incentive to use a silencer
Beam Splitters will be something you might want to use for a change, a good choice for short range combat, but will still suffer at longer distances
Double Barrel Shotguns have increased range and deal more damage at a distance, and the long barrel has much smaller spread and increased range
Various name changes to weapons, for example a 10mm is now "N99 10mm" and a Laser is now "AER9 Laser"
Some overpowered Legendary effects have been fixed, for instance Wounding deals 5dmg over 10s instead of 25dmg over 5s, incredibly broken in vanilla as it stacks and ignores all resistances
New legendary effects, like "Shocking" which inflicts bonus energy damage and has a small chance to knock targets down or "Freezing" which will freeze enemies that are below 10% HP
Tactical Distraction Cans and Distraction Grenades allows you to distract enemies to a certain location, useful for sneaky characters
Receivers typically work as following:
-Hardened/Boosted = +15% damage & -15% recoil
-Powerful/Maximized = +30% damage & -30% recoil
-Advanced/Overcharged = +50% damage & -50% recoil
This was done to make the game scale smoother and give some logic to receivers, as a side effect more guns & modification combinations are more viable than they normally would be.

Melee damages are more intense, both dealt and received
One handed weaponry use knife animations which makes them faster
Ripper and Buzz Blade do decent damage
Grognak's Axe has gotten a juicy buff and can be upgraded to make it viable for longer
Unarmed power armor punches do the same basic damage as a plain power fist punch
You will find less ammo, meds & good stuff in general from various loot sources, don't be afraid to spend your caps for supplies
Vendors will have less of rare ammo and more of common ammo
Indoor mines will have the same trigger radius as outdoor mines
Fusion Cores have 300 'Health' instead of 500
Kremvh's Tooth has a 2% chance to instantly kill any target
The Radium Rifle deals Poison Damage over time instead of useless Radiation Damage
Army Helmets can be upgraded
Energy damage will almost always be more effective against robots and armor compared to physical damage, in vanilla it was kinda all over the place

Fat Man's MIRV attachment has been turned into "Hellrazer" which will send out a barrage of powerful fireballs, aim at an angle upwards to cover a huge area
A few restored throwing weapons are available, like throwing knives and throwing hatchets which are affected by Big Leagues and Ninja
Certain clothing/armor items are more useful and under-armors are mostly all the same so you have options on what to wear (pst, wear Road Leathers)
If it looks like you should be able to wear something with something else, you will mostly be able to, like an Army Helmet and a Gas Mask together
Restored cut content of various gloves is available, they will provide very minor protection, can be upgraded with custom mods and work with most outfits
A restored weapon named "Space Blaster" is available, based on the Alien Blaster from Fo3/NV but using fusion cells, found in nuka world and comes with custom attachments
Shotguns are less effective against armor, but each pellet can crit individually, and can be used at far greater ranges than vanilla
Dog armor has actual armor values and is not just purely cosmetic anymore
The Acid Soaker has been turned into Oil Spitter, it spits blobs of oil that create a splotch of flammable oil on the ground that can be shot & ignited
The Plasma Gun's "Flamethrower" conversion shoots regular flames and uses flamer fuel, making it actually usable and not costing you your life savings of plasma cells in 30 seconds
Legendary drops may contain a wider range of armors and also clothing items like hats & outfits(which is great for Finesse users), and less junk like tire irons or pipes
The Modified Bowling Ball Launcher deals moderately high damage and will knock down most targets on hit, and the special ammo is easier to craft
And more!

Some perks have been repositioned on the perk chart
Alterations to many perks, making some bad perks useful and rebalances overpowered ones
New perks, like Luck o' the Irish, Critical Thinker, Brutal Tactics, Shotgun Surgeon or Finesse
Passive healing perks work in combat
Several companion perks have been changed to be more interesting, useful, or simply fix bugs
Pain Train will work outside power armor, like it always should've!(not against big targets like deathclaws however)
Ghoulish has been turned into Rad Child which gives you increasingly powerful HP regen based on how many rads you have
Aqua Boy/Girl only has one rank, it grants the vanilla buffs from both ranks & +40% faster swimming, but does not grant water breathing because you're not an argonian
Refractor will grant you increasingly powerful damage reduction while above a certain amount of health, useful against surprise attacks, mines, rockets and possibly mini-nukes
Toughness will additionally grant you Bleed resistance, and rank 5 will decrease incoming damage based on how many enemies you face at once
Robotic's Expert will require you to get within melee distance to hack a target, how are you plugging into the robot from afar?
Blitz will additionally grant you increased movement speed at all times
Moving Target will grant you an increasingly high chance to dodge any attack at any time
Medic gives you 20/40/60/100% additional healing & rad removal, this means that rank 4 will have the same additional effectiveness as vanilla rank 2(base 60HP healing + 100% effectiveness = 120HP healing), now you'll want to go beyond the first rank of Medic for a change!
Medic rank 2 & 3 will additionally increase the duration/effectiveness of Med-X and Rad-X, and rank 4 will grant you damage reduction when below 25% health, which gets even stronger if facing 3 or more enemies while it happens
Rad Resistant has been turned into Toxic Tolerant and grants you Radiation and Poison resistance
Sneak is slightly less effective at hiding you in plain sight, rank 2 & 3 no longer disable traps or mines and rank 5 lets you ignore floor-based traps
Ninja only applies to 1H and Unarmed weapons and additionally grants you faster movement speed while sneaking and makes you a bit harder to see in the dark each rank
Critical Thinker will increase your chance of dealing a non-VATS critical hit per point of Luck
Luck o' the Irish grants you higher Luck depending on how low your health is
Action Boy/Girl additionally gives you increased jumping height while sprinting and decreased fall damage each rank
Demolition Expert will not give you a grenade trajectory, this was done partly to make it harder and also due to some new throwable items breaking the trajectory completely in a very annoying way
Demolition Expert rank 2 & 5 will additionally reduce incoming explosion damages by 10% and 20%, better than it might sound at first
Magazines and Bobbleheads have various alterations, for example Speech bobblehead makes passing speech checks slightly easier, Ballistic, Heavy, Melee, Unarmed and Energy bobbleheads give you +5% respective damage instead of +25% crit damage and Medicine Bobblehead gives you 10% additional effectiveness to both stimpaks and radaway
Sniper will increase your ranged sneak attack multipliers
Lead Belly will slowly purge radiation from your body over time when you're below certain total amounts of Rads, very useful for food items and minor irradiation
Life Giver grants passive slow healing each rank and rank 3 gives you increasingly powerful regen as your health drops lower
Nerd Rage triggers earlier and has stronger effects
Scrounger 4 has a 15% chance to give you all lost ammo back when firing the last loaded round in your weapon instead of 5% chance
Finesse allows you to deal greatly increased damage with small firearms & melee to a smaller extent when below a certain amount of Damage and Energy resistances
Shotgun Surgeon buffs crit chances and crit damage with all types of shotguns, including laser splitters
Iron Fist additionally increases damage with unarmed power armor punches significantly, guaranteed to make you at least 72% more badass
Covert Operations magazines now actually improve your stealth, in vanilla it only very slightly reduced your movement noise
The intimidation perks are now intended for stealthy uses, if a target is not attacking you and you get the drop on them up close, you will always succeed in pacifying the target, you need to get very close to humans and moderately close to anything else
You will start the game with Local Leader rank 1 & 2, this is the cleanest way to give you access to functions I believe should not be locked behind perk points
And more!

Food will do their healing over a much longer time, don't bring a steak to a gunfight!
Stimpaks Heal a fixed amount of 60HP and 20% Limb Health
Med-Tek Bandages will heal a fixed amount of 30HP and 50% Limb Health, and will provide high Bleed Resistance for its duration
Stims work 5 times slower, and RadAway works 20 times slower
Various things have altered heal rates, in general you'll want to actually cook food and not just binge on purified water
New custom Chems, like Truffle Mentats which will highlight corpses, Cat Eye which will grant you extra powerful Night Vision, and Rushing Water which will grant you a temporary movement speed buff (has a cap, this ain't Skooma!)
Stealth Boys last 2 minutes instead of 30 seconds, like in New Vegas
Addictol has been turned into Second Wind, it grants you massive health regen & various buffs at the cost of 100% addiction rate
There are no ways to cure yourself of addictions except finding a doctor
Perfectly Preserved Pie grants you +30% XP gained & +1 Luck for 12 hours
X-111 grants very powerful rad resistance and slowly removes rads for a long duration
There is a craftable cure for the infamous molerat disease, only shows up if you have the disease
Unspoiled versions of prewar food will be prefixed with 'Preserved' instead of nothing, now you can tell them apart
Unspoiled prewar food will have some extra benefits and have greatly increased value
Most recipes that require dirty water now require purified instead
All drugs that utilize big needles hurt you slightly on use, ouch
X-Cell lasts 6 hours instead of 2 minutes, for such an incredibly rare item it should be at least somewhat useful
And more!

The list the lunchbox can pick from is 'much' larger, like random clutter, valuables, useful materials, etc
Lunchboxes spawn 5 random items instead of 1
Lunchboxes may spawn various grenades
Lunchboxes may spawn meds and chems
Lunchboxes may give you a small amount of random ammo, if you're very lucky you may even get rarer ammo like missiles or fusion cores
Lunchboxes may explode into a nice heap of caps flying all over the place, if you pick one cap up you get them all at once
You may occasionally find 'Deployable Lunchboxes' as loot, this was done to prevent the player from running out of lunchboxes to open after a while

NPC's have a FoV of 145 instead of 190
NPC's are far more aggressive and they will try their best at ending you
NPC's ability to block your melee strikes is greatly improved, tactics and timing is important for melee brawls now
Humans and Super Mutants can be dismembered without killing them
NPC's will deal less bonus damage, for example Legendary enemies or unique foes
NPC's will engage you from further away, which also means they will engage eachother from further away, you can use this to your advantage
Player base health is 100 instead of 80
Health per Endurance point invested is 20 instead of 5
No bonus health from leveling up, player or npc
No additional invisible bonus from endurance & player level
NPC's will have more narrow health ranges, so no Raiders with bloatfly health nor Gunners with Tankbot health
Balancing alterations to nearly every single variation of every single enemy, my poor fingers..
Super Mutants, Behemoths, 'Glowing' NPC's, Ghouls and Children of Atom will have varying degrees of Health Regeneration
Legendary Enemies will take 35% less damage, but if they have health regeneration that regeneration will be severely reduced
Locational Damage changes to most things, in general things will take less limb/armor damage and more head/weak spot damage
Ghouls are fairly tough to kill, can have their heads taken off without dying and can inflict both poison and radiation damage, aim for the legs!
Synths can have their heads blown off without killing them, and they take very little additional head damage... aim for the legs! Or arms!
Only enemies that should be tanky are tanky, like super mutants, behemoths or deathclaws, humans are fairly squishy depending on what armor they're wearing
Workshop Turrets will not use up any energy, but you'll still have to wire them up
Human NPC's have varying chances of possessing & using a Stealth Boy, of course a lowly raider will very rarely have one, but it can happen
NPC's will scale to your level, which means they will get better gear to keep the game more challenging later on
Human NPC's will not be able to perform killmoves on the player, no more lame instakills out of nowhere
Dogs can grab the player by the leg just like they can grab any other NPC, deals no damage but leaves you very vulnerable for a few seconds
Bloodbugs can give you the   s u c c   from any angle, turning your back won't help
Raiders can rarely sometimes 'summon' a suicider molerat to rush you, exploding in your face if you don't react quickly enough
Certain creatures have altered movement speeds, bug types are especially fast
Some unique 'boss' enemies will put up more of a fight with better gear and stats
Brahmin will shut up for once, praise be!

Comes with Unofficial Patch fixes (for what this mod touches, not everything Unofficial Patch does of course)
Cymbal Monkey Toy Trap triggers much faster, now it's an actual threat (.5s instead of 3s)
Limbs no longer heal on their own after 30 seconds
Default jumping height is 150 instead of 90 (it's not as high as it might sound, vanilla jump height can't even get over a picket fence)
The screen effect of getting hurt is a lot more noticeable instead of a gentle blur, getting hurt hurts!
Stealth is more difficult with longer search times, longer sight distances and various other tweaks
You will no longer see hostile blips on your radar, no more magic senses for you
Workshop lights have been tweaked to have wider & softer light, there's a gif in the images section
Bartering will be considerably more difficult, you'll want to invest in charisma and Cap Collector if you want to get the most out of trading
Shipments are cheaper, especially for common materials
Lockpicking is harder but picks will break much slower, it requires very gentle fiddling so pick up the optional Easy Pickings file if you use a controller or just don't like this change, but if you keep at it you'll be more satisfied whenever you open a lock
Ballistic Weave is much weaker and only grants DR, but the first two ranks are available from the start
Ballistic Weave has an energy counterpart, Aramid Weave
Ballistic Weave can be applied to most normal hats at reduced efficiency, and the Institute Killer weave can be converted into a hat version at a chem station
World radios have increased radius and volume, compatible with anything since it only alters generic outputs
The rates you gain XP at have been tweaked, -50% cooking & crafting, -75% workshop building and +200% for discovering new locations
Power armor has x5 vanilla health but also take x10 as many materials to repair
VATS slows time by 70% instead of 96% and grants 50% damage reduction instead of 90%

You can take and use Mama Murphy's clothes and Gage's eyepatch
Followers take no fall damage and are much better at stealth
Animals won't drop caps or other unfitting loot
The Windmill Generator is as powerful as a Large Generator, cheaper to make but uses up more space
The Fusion Generator uses up Fusion Cores instead of nuclear material and needs some more materials, but requires a lower rank of Science to access
Radiation storms are more intense, pop some Rad-X or get indoors, once the lightning starts you can't sleep through it
The timer for cells to reset is much higher than vanilla, which will affect how often areas you've already been to get new NPC's and loot, does not affect random spawns
The radius with which Minutemen can be called with the flare gun is x4 bigger, now you can get fire support where you actually need it
The volume of certain workshop items(like turrets and generators) are a lot quieter
Ragdolls receive less force from all sources, especially explosions
The weight limit for grabbing physical world objects is higher, no corpse should be too heavy to drag
Standard player Carry Weight is 300 rather than 200 and you gain +15 carry weight per point of strength instead of +10, there's just way too much junk to carry around
Stealth is a lot harder and will require significant investment to make easier
Caps Stashes contain a lot more caps and usually extra small bits of loot, bobby pin boxes may also contain bonus tiny loot
Workshop wires reach much further, 4000 units instead of 1100 units
Workshop power transmitters reach much further, the bigger than transmitter the bigger the radius(large transmitters may cause lag if picked up when powered up)
Underwater screen effects are far less blurry
Some custom turrets may be crafted in the workshop, for example; Minigun Turret, Tesla Turret or Baseball Launcher Turret
Alien Animatronic turrets may be crafted in the workshop, beware that it might take some time for them to load in the crafting menu if you're outside nuka world

Chem & Aid items won't make you thirsty in Survival mode

A few starter tips:
The very first couple of levels can be rough, but keep at it! Combat gets better and more fierce not long after the beginning.
Don't be afraid of spending your caps on ammo and supplies, this is what it's balanced for, so get shopping!
Bring plenty of food with you when you venture out, this will be your primary source of healing outside combat.
A certain enemy giving you a lot of trouble with a powerful weapon they're wielding? Aim for their arms with high-caliber weaponry, lasers or explosives to cut them down to size!
Make sure to check out the altered perk tree thoroughly, many perks have been altered and you might miss something fun.
Don't be dissuaded by missing with real bullet projectiles early on, you'll adapt and it's very fun and satisfying once you get used to it.
Stealth seems too hard? Invest in the stealth-related perks and Agility if you want to be a sneaky character, otherwise be prepared to get spotted quite easily.
Sneaky characters can make excellent use of Stealth Boy devices, make sure to use them if you want to be extra sneaky, especially outdoors during daytime.
Don't forget to aim for limbs with higher-caliber weapons to possibly cause live dismemberment, especially against ghouls, synths and supermutants. Explosives work too!
Be careful where you go and who you piss off if you're not prepared for the consequences, supermutants can rip low level characters apart and the BoS can rip, well, anyone apart!

A smart wastelander might lure two hostile factions to fight eachother and then reap some easy rewards after the chaos.
Keep getting decked by explosives? Try investing in some anti-explosion armor mods or the Demolition Expert perk, or both.
Always bring a few Med-Tek Bandages and maybe a Hydra or two with you, unless you invest in Medic, Stimpaks won't heal your limbs very effectively.
It's recommended to bring at least one heavy weapon with you, like a minigun or missile launcher, you never know what might show up around the next corner.
Remember to make use of mines, run away if overwhelmed and place one around a corner to leave a nasty surprise for your pursuer, don't let them see you place it or they will avoid it entirely almost every time.
Use chems if you need a boost during a tough fight, there's no shame in slamming some Med-X and Psycho if your life depends on it.
Robots tend to be quite powerful, but you can aim for their arms, legs and weak spots to make your efforts easier.
Certain areas may be more dangerous than before, a good example would be Saugus Ironworks where 'The Forged' reside, power armor very recommended against the boss
Investing in Endurance is important if you want to be able to take as much as you give.
Check out the Miscellaneous files section for several optional files you can use to tweak certain features you may not enjoy, but I recommend playing without any and adapting to the various features instead.

Note: In order for the napalm flamer effect to look decent, you will need to raise your particle limit, to do so;
1. Go to "C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4" and then open Fallout4Prefs.ini
2. Scroll down to [Particles]
3. Change iMaxDesired= to at least 5000, 10000 if you want to push it a little, or go beyond 10k if you're brave.
This will not affect your performance, but push the number too high and the engine may eat dirt during an intense firefight.

-Weapon mods will not be compatible without a patch, be careful as they can easily ruin the intended balance otherwise
-Armor/clothing mods will not be compatible, unless they are purely cosmetic they will have much higher armor ratings than any other items in the game
-Power Armor mods will require a patch to work properly, they will work without a patch but they wont receive health & crafting alterations
-Survival Mode related mods should be fine if you load them after the overhaul
-Food & Healing mods will not be compatible without a patch, healing rates will be very wrong
-Companion mods will be compatible, no companion records have been altered directly, recommend loading them before the overhaul anyways
-NPC mods will be incompatible, they will most likely have too much health and their levels won't scale to get better gear over time
-Weapon Skin mods should all be compatible if you load them before the overhaul, every equippable weapon has the changes necessary to support skins
If you have any doubts about any other kind of mod, load them before the overhaul, this is a good idea for any overhaul out there.

Compatibility patches are available for
10mm SMG* version 1.2
A Bundle of Tape  version 1.3
Crossbows of the Commonwealth* version 1.4
OTs-02 Kiparis SMG version 1.0
Sig Sauer P220* version 1.03
DLC Leveled List Integration version 0.5
New Recipes version 2.2.3 (Far Harbor + VIS version)
Heckler und Koch - G36 Complex version 1.1
Wattz Laser Gun* version 1.3.1
Backpacks of the Commonwealth* version 1.4 (Script injection version only)
DeadPool2099's Service Rifle* version 0.96
SIG Sauer MPX* version 001e
Vivid Weathers* version 2.00
Animated Chems Redone* version 1.0
*Mods I personally use and recommend getting
Most patches will require AWKCR and Valdacil's Item Sorting, patches come with proper VIS tags and icons where available

Additional unofficial patches are available with;
UFO - Compatibility Patches made by user Son_of_Foamy
Resh's Gnarly UFO Patches made by user Reshirou

Important tip about perks and updates

If a perk you already own has been updated with new features, it may not work properly until you remove and re-add them with console commands, nothing will break but you may be stuck with the old version of the perk, so here is a quick and easy example of how to do so:

Let's say you're looking for a perk named "Ninja"

Open the console, most commonly this is done by pressing the button right under Esc, you can use the Page Up and Page Down buttons to scroll through the console.

Type: help ninja 0
If the perk you are looking for has a space in the name, you will have to add " around it if you want to narrow the results down, like:
help "bloody mess" 0
You should now see several entries for the perk, typically the top result is the first rank and the bottom is the last, but this is not always the case so you may have to do trial and error.

Type: player.removeperk [number id of perk rank here]
Repeat for all owned ranks of the perk.

Type: player.addperk [number id of perk rank here]
Repeat for all previously owned ranks of the perk.
You will have to close and re-open your pip boy perk chart to see perks being removed.
PS: Do not actually type the [brackets] into the console.

That's it, you can do this for any perks you suspect are not working properly.

XBone port available, made by nexus user xVRage

Special thanks to Merge Plugins by matortheeternal for making merging mods less of a nightmare.

Feel free to give feedback on anything I could improve, balancing or general ideas.

---[Other Unbogus Modules]---

Individual modules are no longer really supported,
but still functional and there if you want them.

- Ranged
- Melee

- Health Scaling
- Health Ranges & More
- Lunchboxes
- Grub 'N Drugs
- Perks *also contains various misc changes

---[Highly recommended mods]---

- Sim Settlements, just in case you didn't know about this masterpiece yet
(tip: disable taxes for everything except Residential and Commercial and set those to Half and don't build ammo factories for better balance with the overhaul)
- Settlement Menu Manager for a far less messy workshop menu
- Start Me Up to quickly get into a fresh character
- Bullet Time, combine it with FO4 Hotkeys and you're golden
- Better Low Health for more intense combat situations & awareness, 35% version recommended
- Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance not recommended by default, but if you want to change damage multipliers this is the mod for you
- Intense Realistic Gun Sounds for a much better schüt experience
- Commonwealth Warfare Explosions for much better EXPLOSIONS
- Pip-Boy Flashlight for having a flashlight at all times instead of the dinky omni-light, very recommended
- Settler Sandbox Expansion for having less braindead settlers
- True 3D Audio for greatly improved sound quality, do not use if you play third person for whatever reason
- All Settlements Extended for massively improved settlement boundaries
- Place Everywhere for building your settlements the way YOU want
- RAW INPUT for greatly improved mouse control, very recommended
- CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul for gnarly critical kills
- New Postapocalyptic for new and great ambient tracks
- More Where That Came From for an expanded library of radio tracks
- Get Out Of My Face for the ability to stop companions' doorway-blocking shenanigans
- Console Name Fix for when you inevitably have to fix some bethesda buggery manually
- Enhanced Color Correction 'gloom' version for an improved atmosphere
- Faster Terminal Displays for if you don't wanna spam skip constantly on every terminal you use

Clean Water of the Commonwealth (Tropical & normal Rads version) for both getting great looking water and being able to see below the surface
- Drop The Bomb for expressing your emotions

- Full Dialogue Interface for partially fixing the mess of a dialogue system Bethesda created