Fallout 4

About this mod

An extensive overhaul that touches upon almost every aspect of the game which aims to make the game more fun, challenging in a good way and varied while rewarding skill and tactics.

Permissions and credits

Unbogus Fallout Overhaul is an extensive gameplay overhaul that touches upon almost every aspect of the game, changing how you play, altering the vast majority of the game and adding many new features.
The world will feel more static and less like it revolves around you, rewarding skill and tactics regardless if you're level 5 or level 50.
Combat will be more difficult but in a fair way, equally powerful foes can pose a real threat and more powerful enemies may be best to avoid altogether until you're stronger.
The recommended difficulty setting is Very Hard, which is what the mod has been primarily balanced around, but any difficulty is of course fine.

I highly recommend getting Valdacil's Item Sorting & DEF_UI and using the VIS patch from this overhaul.
Nexus Mod Manager Community Edition is also highly recommended

Overhauled combat with fierce aggressive enemies that will challenge you from beginning to end.
Painstakingly balanced NPC stats that makes the game never feel too easy or too hard at appropriate levels.
Health works differently, both for you and everything around you.
You start with 100HP and every additional point of Endurance grants 20 HP, levels will do nothing for health.
Healing works differently, food will heal you slowly over time and stimpaks heal a fixed amount of health and limb damage while the new med-tek bandages are much more effective at healing limb damage.
Weapons all follow generic guidelines, balanced primarily around caliber types and nearly universal damage modifications which makes almost every gun viable at any point with the right upgrades.
New chems, like Second Wind, Antivenom, Cat Eye, Truffle Mentats or Relaxing Herb Cigar, and many vanilla chems have been rebalanced as well.
There is also a cure for the infamous molerat disease, craftable once you contract it.
New perks and rebalanced vanilla perks. New ones like Critical Thinker, Shotgun Surgeon, Rad Child or Luck o' the Irish.
Extra notable examples are perks like;
Finesse which can change how you play and what equipment you go after by richly rewarding you for having very low armor values.
Intimidation which works every time when you catch your target by surprise up close, making it a perfect perk for stealthy characters.
Pain Train which works outside of power armor, allowing you to play ultra-aggressive.
Moving Target which makes it possible to dodge any attack at any time outside power armor.
New equipment like many new grenades, turret-spawning relays, and weapon attachments like Napalmer, Miss Launcher, Thermobaric Warhead Launcher or Plasma Bomber.
Restored cut content, like the Space Blaster, revolver fanning, throwing weapons like Throwing Blades or Throwing Hatchets and many types of gloves that can be worn with almost any outfit and come with custom upgrades.
Random critical hits based on Luck and a couple of perks.
Real projectiles where bullets physically fly through the air with ballistics loosely based on real statistics, laser weapons fire bolts similar to laser guns from your favorite cheesy sci-fi movies.
Difficult stealth, unless you invest into stealthy perks you will be detected very easily and enemies won't give up their search so fast. Stealth Boys will help you greatly, especially outdoors during daytime.
There are a few new items to help you become a better sneaky snake, like throwable distraction items, stealth boys that last 2 minutes or throwing weapons that benefit from melee sneak attack multipliers.
Live dismemberment on humans and supermutants, only works with high caliber weaponry and explosives which may cause enemies to flee in terror or perform a last ditch effort on the ground.
Lunchboxes explode into a small pile of random loot with a massive list of potential items or even a bunch of caps, no $1.99 key required!
New legendary effects, like Warping, Raging or Denting. Also rebalances almost all vanilla legendary effects to either be less overpowered or a lot more useful.
Fast and deadly melee combat both for humanoids and creatures.
Uncapped encounter zones.
More scarce loot in general, for example you may not always find enough ammo to endlessly use your favorite gun, vary your weapon usage or get trading for supplies.
More difficult bartering, trading for supplies is what the mod is balanced for but you may actually run out of caps for a change!
More difficult lockpicking, requires gentle fiddling to find the sweetspot but your picks will break much more slowly.
(Misc file to revert lockpicking to vanilla exists if you don't like this)
New workshop turrets, like Minigun Turret, Electro-Bubble Turret, Napalm Turret or Alien Animatronic Turret.
Tweaked armor with altered effectiveness, modifications and more reasonable usage slots, meaning you can for example equip a gas mask with an army helmet.
Improved locational damage, shooting heads and mechanical weak spots inflict more damage than before while limbs and heavily armored spots inflict less damage.
Areas reset plenty slower than vanilla, which means places you've already cleared out won't respawn with new enemies and loot quite as fast, but it does not affect random spawns in the world at all.
Minutemen can be called in with flares from much further away and they will show up to fight in armor instead of clothing.
Some light sources have been tweaked to provide more reasonable light, usually resulting in wider and softer light, there's a gif in the images section.
Carry weight starts higher and improves more with Strength, catered for all your garbage-carrying needs.
Improvements to the workshop, you can create trading routes by default, powerlines can reach much further, radial power sources are more powerful, and more.
Some enemy types are different from each other, for example bug types tend to be much more squishy but very fast and agile, ghouls deal very little damage but can be hard to take out in big groups while dealing radiation and poison damage, synths are fast and super-aggressive but have weak limbs, and robots tend to be both powerful and tanky but fairly slow.
Much more! Over 2 years of modding and learning makes for a giant list of changes to almost everything in the game, play and find out!

                     Official XBone port of final version available

-Weapon mods will not be compatible without a patch, be careful as they can easily ruin the intended balance otherwise
-Armor/clothing mods will not be compatible, unless they are purely cosmetic they will have much higher armor ratings than any other items in the game
-Power Armor mods will require a patch to work properly, they will work without a patch but they will have slightly too powerful stats and wont receive health & crafting alterations
-Survival Mode related mods should be fine if you load them after the overhaul
-Food & Healing mods will not be compatible without a patch, healing rates will be very wrong
-Companion mods will be compatible, no companion records have been altered directly, recommend loading them before the overhaul anyways
-NPC mods will be incompatible, they will most likely have too much health and their levels won't scale to get better gear over time
-Weapon Skin mods should all be compatible if you load them before the overhaul, every equippable weapon has the changes necessary to support skins
If you have any doubts about any other kind of mod, load them before the overhaul, this is a good idea for any overhaul out there.

Compatibility patches are available for
10mm SMG* version 1.2
A Bundle of Tape  version 1.3
Crossbows of the Commonwealth* version 1.4
OTs-02 Kiparis SMG version 1.0
Sig Sauer P220* version 1.03
DLC Leveled List Integration version 0.5
New Recipes version 2.2.3
Heckler und Koch - G36 Complex version 1.1
Wattz Laser Gun* version 1.3.1
Backpacks of the Commonwealth* version 1.4 (Script injection version only)
DeadPool2099's Service Rifle* version 0.96
SIG Sauer MPX* version 001e
Vivid Weathers version 2.00
Animated Chems Redone* version 1.1
Ithaca Model 37* version 1.2
LAER* version 1.24
*Mods I personally use and recommend getting for any playthrough
Most patches will require AWKCR, patches come with proper VIS tags and icons where available if you have VIS installed
If you use patches without VIS installed, the only side effect is mod crates in your inventory might have an additional tag visible, but that's all

Additional unofficial patches are available with;
UFO - Compatibility Patches made by user Son_of_Foamy

Resh's Gnarly UFO Patches made by user Reshirou

Arbo's Even Gnarlier UFO Patches made by user Arboren

---[Highly recommended mods]---

- Sim Settlements, just in case you didn't know about this masterpiece yet
(tip: disable taxes for everything except Residential and Commercial and set those to Half and don't build ammo factories for better balance with the overhaul)
- Settlement Menu Manager for a far less messy workshop menu
- Start Me Up to quickly get into a fresh character
- Bullet Time, combine it with FO4 Hotkeys and you're golden
- Better Low Health for more intense combat situations & awareness, 35% version recommended
- Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance not recommended by default, but if you want to change damage multipliers this is the mod for you
- Intense Realistic Gun Sounds for a much better schüt experience
- Commonwealth Warfare Explosions for much better EXPLOSIONS
- Pip-Boy Flashlight for having a flashlight at all times instead of the dinky omni-light, very recommended
- Settler Sandbox Expansion for having less braindead settlers
- True 3D Audio for greatly improved sound quality, do not use if you play third person for whatever reason
- All Settlements Extended for massively improved settlement boundaries
- Place Everywhere for building your settlements the way YOU want
- RAW INPUT for greatly improved mouse control, very recommended
- CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul for gnarly critical kills
- New Postapocalyptic for new and great ambient tracks
- More Where That Came From for an expanded library of radio tracks
- Get Out Of My Face for the ability to stop companions' doorway-blocking shenanigans
- Console Name Fix for when you inevitably have to fix some bethesda buggery manually
- Enhanced Color Correction 'gloom' version for an improved atmosphere
- Faster Terminal Displays for if you don't wanna spam skip constantly on every terminal you use

Clean Water of the Commonwealth (Tropical & normal Rads version) for both getting great looking water and being able to see below the surface
- Drop The Bomb for expressing your emotions

- Full Dialogue Interface for partially fixing the mess of a dialogue system Bethesda created
- CROSS Jetpack for taking to the sky without clunky power armor