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Tired of the default Fallout 4 shipping containers? Look no further than Better Containers! Adds a new shipping container with 6 colors and 3 levels of wear for each color.

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bioblo pls help

Ah, containers. The cornerstone of civilization. Since the dawn of time, mankind has sought to expand the capabilities of inserting one object into another. From the impluviums of Rome in collecting rainwater to the strategy of Containment under the Truman administration in the Cold War to Gwyneth Paltrow's severed head in the movie Se7en, directed by David Fincher starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, containers are  an essential and cultural facet of human life. Prior to its creation, mankind has long struggled with putting one object into another without the existence of an empty space within the object's dimensions and an opening with which the other object may enter. It was not until pioneer and lauded visionary John Container created the first container, simply titled, the "box." History, as they say, writes itself.

Anyway, here's a new shipping container.

This mod adds a new shipping container in the settlement menu in six colors and three levels of wear for each color.
No, there won't be a replacer version. Dimensions are different from vanilla.
No, there's no interior. The model used never came with one.
No, there won't be any more colors. Six colors is enough, it's not like you're trying to make the world's largest Lite-Brite picture, goddamn.

The containers can be found under the following settlement menu:
Decoration > Miscellaneous

PBRCool for making the model and textures
Nightcall for the mod
BigLO/Jmanumber1 for general help and making the modpage
Adshield, HeroicPie, LittleLight for the screenshots and beta testing
TheHowl5657 because she asked to be included
Chef's Camp for the fellas

Brazil for Neto
Canada for BigLO

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This mod is DONE, which means there won't really be any updates for it beyond bugfixes and such.
If you want to make your own edits for personal use, FO4Edit and Paint.net are all fantastic free programs which will get you far.
Since the assets were bought and not made specifically for FO4, we can't add new stuff.
Suggestions/requests will usually be ignored since we already get a lot of them from our friends (and we ignore them too).
As with anything, please take pictures.