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Adds the wired lightbulbs as buildable settlement lights.

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Buildable wired lightbulbs

Just to be clear, these are NOT actual wires, they're just static meshes intended for lighting up your settlement. Version 2.0 also gives them the capability to transfer power when used with the included custom conduit.

Comes in four different lengths (Short, Medium, Long, and two different types of Very Long).
There is also a version where the lights casts shadows, you can use both versions together if you like (just overwrite or ignore the conflicting files, doesn't matter). Keep in mind that shadowcasting lights can be very performance heavy if you put up lots of them in a well built settlement. Use sparingly to not kill your fps!
Requires no power and as such can't be turned on or off.

Notes on 2.0:

  • Requires the use of the custom conduit (Bulbwire Connector) for placement!
  • To make it work, place the conduit wherever you want the bulbwire to emerge from and attach it in a way that looks good. Then place a second conduit at the other end of the bulbwire and power will flow through it. Continue to draw your power line as you wish with either bulbwires or regular wires.
  • Unfortunately I just couldn't find a way to retain the kind of placement they had in 1.0 if I wanted them to transfer power while also ignoring collision of the walls around it. :( The good news is they do give more freedom in a way since the wires can now be placed wherever you can place the conduit, but there is a good chance you'll like the 1.0 version better.
  • The custom conduit functions very much like the regular wall-placed ones: found in the "Power/Connectors and switches"-category, has wire attachment, same transfer range (500).
  • It is also compatible with Wall Pass-Through Power Conduits.
  • If using both Standard and Shadowcasting version you end up with a double set of the conduits in your build menu, they are both identical in terms of function. I don't know of a way to make the game only show one unless I wanna make either of the two files a master file which would kill their independence.

Notes on 1.0:
  • They do not transfer power.
  • Placement can be a bit wonky (or even downright frustrating).