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Barriers for your conveyor belts

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Sick of stuff falling off your conveyor belts in Fallout 4? Here's the answer!Mod for adding barriers to your conveyor belts.

Includes clean versions!

Update 1.2 23/12/2017: Adds corner and slope pices, including clean variants.
Update 1.3 23/12/2017: Fix to snap points.
Update 1.4 25/12/2017: Adds L shape corner pieces.
Update 1.5 28/12/2017: Adds Y junction sections, including clean variants. Optimizes textures.
Update 1.6 29/12/2017: Futher optimizations and improvement to textures.
Update 1.7 29/12/2017: Adds builder exit cap.
Update 1.8 05/12/2018: Adds sections for 'Straight intersection' piece found in 'Manufacturing extended'. Also moves clean versions to Power->Misc menu.

Bethesda PC: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4046758
Bethesda Xbox: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4046759