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Ostego's Gun Patch balances and patches many of the best gun mods on the Nexus. Intended to be used with Ostego's Fallout 4 Collection.

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2.0 Update:
I've adjusted the master files for the mod to cut down on requirements and added a few more guns that have been balanced.  Submachine gun stick mags should appear on loot and vendors.  New .300BLK and .458 SOCOM receivers for the Service Rifle.  A host of other smaller changes.  Vertiberd guns have also been made more potent.

This is a patch to rebalance many of my favorite gun mods that might either been too powerful or otherwise needed tweaks of some kind.  There are too many edits to list but assume that the weapon entries for the following mods have been edited.  No changes are made to levelled lists.  

The following are the weapon mods required by this patch:
- Russian Assault Pack
- Glock 86
- 9mm Pistol
- MK14
- Wattz Laser Gun
- P90
- 12.7mm Pistol
- 12.7mm SMG
- Service Rifle
- MK18
- DKS-501 Sniper
- Beretta M9-FS
- RU556
- Vargo 52
- Remington M11
- AK74M
- AKM Complex
- Hunting Shotgun
- Glock 19x
- Bullpup Bozar
- GreaseGun SMG
- WM Chinese Assault Rifle
- HK MP5 Complex
- M1A
- FN Five-Seven
- YK42B
- Makeshift Nailgun
- M1911A1
- Russian Recon Pack
- McMillan CS5
- Rem92 Lever Action Shotgun
Dak's Assault Rifle Replacer Redux
M1 Garand
10mm SMG
Plasma Cycler
Defense Gun
Stick Mags for Submachine Gun

As always, let me know if you have any feedback or notice any glaring issues.  This is a work in progress so expect updates.