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Retexture of all 10 Covert Operations Manuals based on military manuals of the 60s & 70s. Offers multiple variants, typo fixes, and unique details for each cover.

Permissions and credits

A complete retexture of the U.S. Covert Operations Manuals based on real-life Military manuals of the 60s & 70s. 
The original cookie-cutter look is gone, vanilla typos have been fixed, unique details have been added, and a much more unique appearance in line with the other magazines is achieved.

I've included three versions for download. (1) The complete package, bloodstains and all. An alternative (2) blood-free version, and lastly (3) Vanilla Plus which lacks the extra stamps, writing, etc... but keeps all other details. 
Check the pictures for more details and try out what you think is best.

I've also included Patches for mods that add new Manuals, available in the optional files.
If you would like a patch made for a certain mod, feel free to reach out.

Lastly is an alternative retexture that can be found here. It's older but the option is still there.

Recommended installation is through a mod manager. 

1. Download & Install through your mod manager.

2. Activate the file and ensure it's not overwritten.

Manual installation is not recommended or supported.

Carreau - For the Worn Magazine Resource Files.

Devastatin' Dave - For permission to use his US Army Seal.

FictionChick - For her Grunge Texture.

Bethesda - For Fallout 4.

Photoshop - For making my life easier.

And You!