Fallout 4
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change the base damage of some modded weapons to match those of fallout 1,2, tatics, 3, nv and 76

Permissions and credits
the damage of some weapons is based on all fallout games and some is my personal opinion after using them.

the mods used are:

9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) Redux
Wattz Laser Gun
Bullpup Bozar
Caravan Shotgun
Grease Gun SMG
.45 Auto Pistol (Colt M1911)
12.7mm Pistol (Sig Sauer P127)  all by DeadPool2099

DKS-501 Sniper Rifle - Standalone by LtCommander

Fallout 3 10mm SMG by C1ph3rr

MG42 and MG34 by wardaddy75


Service Rifle By DeadPool2099 

M60 Light Machinegun By Davis237834

Look in the files tab for the changes

All credit goes to all the original creators of these mods cited above.