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DegenerateDak - Clemdiddly - DreadedJake

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A few patches I've made for Dak's West-Tek Optics Pack for various weapons.

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It all started when I ported Service Rifle West-Tek Optics Patch to XB1.  With Clemdiddly's permission to add it to my port, I made the sights for the standard receiver for Deadpool's service rifle.  Clem suggested I just make my own page here for the added sights, so here we are.


Next, I really wanted the sights for jkruse05's LMG from the Lore Friendly 5.56 CollectionI believe they will be added in the next update, but this can tie you over until then. Now redundant, I moved the patch to Optional Files.

Also I threw in the sights for the AKM by ngabber.

These sights are strictly craftable, same as the original West-Tek Optics.

I will be adding more patches as I find guns that I would like to use the optics on.  Feel free to leave suggestions as well.

Weapons covered:
  • Deadpool2099's Service Rifle
  • Jkruse05's NV LMG
  • Ngabber's AKM
  • Deadpool2099's Bullpup Bozar.
  • Deadpool2099's .45 Auto Pistol.
  • Resized 10mm Pistol Reworked patch.
  • TheShinyHaxorus' FN P90.
  • Deadpool2099's 9mm Pistol.
  • Deadpool2099's Hunting Shotgun.
  • Deadpool2099's Sig Sauer 12.7mm Pistol.
  • PrecisionTacos AK-47, Type 56, M70.
  • Briainstormepilog's Assault LMG.
  • CSEPteam's Surplus Rifle


West-Tek Optics Pack
Your weapon of choice


Includes a Main.ba2 and an ESL flagged ESP for each patch. Install with your mod manager of choice.


It's worth noting, from reading the comments on the original patch page, the Service Rifle patch is not compatible with DankRafft's Service Rifle - Weapon Overhaul Project. Other weapons in that series won't be compatible either.
For Codeblackcrash's Unofficial Updates, it will depend on the specific weapon whether these patches will work.


First off, all credit to DegenerateDak for his West-Tek Optics Pack!
Big thanks to Clemdiddly!