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Model swaps the vanilla Assault and Combat Rifles with Deadpool2099's Service Rifle

Permissions and credits
Replaces all vanilla combat and assault rifles with Deadpool2099's Service Rifle.

This mod edits several entries to Mysterious Weapon Replacers - Service Rifle Redux by cydonianmystery. This mod is fully standalone and has all the entries from the original mod. If NMM asks to upgrade, select no. When NMM asks to overwrite, select yes to all. Only Nuka World and Deadpool2099's Service Rifle are required.

Random modifications will be applied to replaced weapons. As of version 3.0:
  • You may see up to 4 different sights (Iron, Cut, Eotech, and Combat Scope)
  • You may see up to 2 different barrels (Ported and Long Ported)
  • You may see up to 5 different muzzles (no muzzle, Compensator, Bayonet, Muzzle Break, and Silencer)
  • Receivers will always be the standard tier Marksman (Marksman upper, 5.56 lower, standard semi/full auto)
  • Extended combat stock will be the only grip generated.

Finally, this mod contains edits to super mutant leveled lists. Super mutants will use laser guns instead of assualt rifles. Pipe guns are unchanged and super mutants will use them until you meet the level requirements for them to spawn with laser guns. Place F4NVServiceRifleRedux.esp low in your load order to allow it to win any conflicts. The exception to this would be if you're already using replacers for pipe and laser guns that super mutants can't use. If this is the case, use your best judgement in adjusting your load order. 

1. Download and install: Service Rifle by DeadPool2099

2. Make sure the esp for that mod is activated and all the assets from it are in your Fallout 4 data folder

3. Install this mod. Select the replacers you want in the installer and click finish

4. Make sure your mod manager overwrites the original esp. You must allow your mod manager to overwrite any files for the replacer to work

5. Done

Simply uninstall with your mod manager, but remember: the golden rule of modding is not to uninstall anything mid-game. This mod makes data changes that may be irreversible, so you may have to load a previous save that hasn't seen this mod.

Known Issues
The unique combat rifle "Overseer's Guardian" will show up as invisible when purchased in Vault 81. You must take it to any weapon workbench and craft the receiver trigger mechanism first, which opens up the upper and lower receiver child slots. Then craft the upper and lower receivers, which further opens the magazine, scope, barrel, and muzzle child slots. You will expend materials doing so and you will need to meet any perk requirements. 

Mods Used
(Required) Nuka World DLC

(Required) Service Rifle by DeadPool2099

(Not required) Mysterious Weapon Replacers - Service Rifle Redux by cydonianmystery (Big thanks for allowing me to make edits to that mod)

- Big thanks to Deadpool2099 for his amazing Service Rifle redux.
- Big thank you to cydonianmystery for going through all the leveled lists and weapon entries and for granting permission to edit his/her mod
- Elianora for the Wasteland Clothing used in some screenshots
- Plate carrier in some screenshots is from the thread "Resident Evil Military Pack" by EvTital. Found on in the subforum "Fallout Public Armor Mods"
- Plate carrier in some screenshots is from the thread "(FO4) Plate Carrier Armor" by asnavaro Found on in the subforum "Fallout Public Armor Mods"
- COD Ghosts ops core helmet with NVG in screenshots is from the thread "[FO4]Cod ghost armor packv3 WIP". Found on in the subforum "Fallout Public Armor Mods"
- Tan retexture of slothjelly's ops core helmet in screenshots is from the thread "[FO4] slothjelly's FAST Ballistic helmet overerhaul" by haloruler1449. Found on in the subforum "Fallout Public Armor Mods"
- Ops-core helmet in screenshots is from Outlawer's BF4 pack in the thread "Outlawer's Fo4 outfit pack" by kjh1222b. Found on in the subforum "Fallout Public Armor Mods"

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