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Replaces vanilla assault rifles and/or combat rifleswith Deadpool2099's Service Rifle

Permissions and credits
Replaces assault rifles and/or combat rifles with Deadpool2099's Service Rifle.

Replaced weapons will spawn with the following modifications:
  • All replaced weapons will be named "Service Rifle" in-game and use the instance naming conventions
  • Replaced weapons will spawn with a random low-tier Trigger Mechanism (Semi-Auto and Automatic)
  • Replaced weapons will spawn with a random lower receiver chambered in 5.56 (Standard, Forged, or Advanced)
  • Replaced weapons will spawn with a random Marksman Upper Receiver (standard or side-charging)
  • Replaced weapons will spawn with either the Ported Barrel or Long Ported Barrel
  • Replaced weapons will spawn with a random stock (Combat, Combat Unolded, Marksman, or Recoil Compensating)
  • Replaced weapons will spawn with a random magazine
  • Replaced weapons will spawn with a random muzzle attachment
  • Replaced weapons will spawn with a random scope (Standard, Cut, Reflex, Combat, or Short Scope)

This mod includes changes to super mutant leveled lists. When selecting any plugin that replaces assault rifles, super mutants that normally spawn with an assault rifle will instead spawn with a pipe gun. Place F4NVServiceRifleRedux.esp low in your load order to allow it to win any other leveled list conflicts in your load order. The exception to this would be if you're using a replacer that changes pipe guns to something incompatible with super mutants. If this is the case, use your best judgement in adjusting your load order or make appropriate changes to the super mutant leveled lists yourself in FO4Edit, otherwise super mutants will spawn with nothing and use their fists in combat.

1. Download and install: Service Rifle by DeadPool2099 https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32361

2. Make sure the esp for that mod is activated and all the assets from it are in your Fallout 4 data folder

3. Install this mod. Select the replacers you want in the installer and click finish

4. Make sure your mod manager overwrites the original esp. You must allow your mod manager to overwrite any files for the replacer to work

5. Done

Updating From a Previous Version and Some Troubleshooting Tips

1. Uninstall the replacer, download the update, then re-install the mod

2. Load your save game. Any replaced weapons in your inventory may be broken. Scrap or get rid of them if they are broken and seek out new ones by adding them via console or finding them in the game world

3. If an NPC/Companion weapon is broken, you can individually update them by entering the console, selecting the NPC, and entering the "Resurrect" console command. You will have to do this one-by-one for each NPC. 

If the NPC/Companion isn't equipping their replaced weapon after the resurrect command, open the console, select them, then enter the "Show Inventory" console command. A list of everything in their inventory will appear. You can enter "Equip <item id>" to force them to equip the weapon. Use this same method to force them to equip the ammo in their inventory if necessary

Simply uninstall with your mod manager, but remember: the golden rule of modding is not to uninstall anything mid-game. This mod makes data changes that may be irreversible, so you may have to load a previous save that hasn't seen this mod.

Known Issues
- None so far

Mods Used
(Required) Nuka World DLC

(Required) Service Rifle by DeadPool2099 https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32361

(Not required) Mysterious Weapon Replacers - Service Rifle Redux by cydonianmystery (Big thanks for allowing me to make edits to that mod)

All thanks goes to Deadpool2099 for making the Service Rifle weapon mod
- Big thank you to cydonianmystery for going through all the leveled lists and weapon entries and for granting permission to edit his/her mod
- Modern Warfare 2019 JTF2 plate carrier, combat shirt, and armor in the screenshots can be found on the Arms and Armours Discord
- Modern Warfare 2019 Ghost mask and poncho in the screenshots can be found on the Arms and Armours Discord