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Expand your arsenal with seamelessly integrated weapon mods, sorted with VIS-G and chambered in New Calibers.

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Note: this mod is no longer in development. Get my new mod Gunsmith Overhaul instead.

The mod that only like 2 people waited for is finally here!

Commonwealth Arsenal Expanded

By utilizing the systems and resources made available by my other mod, Commonwealth Arsenal Reloaded, this mod aims to seamelessly integrate, fix and improve upon the various brilliant weapon mods available here on the Nexus.

So far the mod only covers weapons by two authors, but the list will be expanding in the future.

  • All weapons fully chambered in the new ammo types provided by New Calibers
  • Many fixes and improvements made to the weapon mods available
  • VIS-G sorting for everything
  • Improvements to the methods of acquiring the guns

  • Install all the required (non-weapon) mods
  • Install any of the mods listed in the "Patched weapons" section
  • Install this mod and let it overwrite everything

Note: the automated FOMOD installer will automatically select the appropriate patches, provided you have the plugins active. You are required to download any of the below mods you plan to use to acquire their assets. This mod only includes .esp files.

Patched weapons:
FX0x01's Mods:

9x39 Project
AK74M - Assault Rifle
OTs-33 Pernach - Pistol
RU556 - Assault rifle
Mosin Nagant - Sniper Rifle
Russian Recon Pack - SVU and MP443
Steyr AUG A1
Heckler und Koch - G36 Complex
Elysium AK
AK400 - Assault Rifle
Heckler und Koch - MP7 (Special note about this one - the gun now shoots 9mm rounds instead of the 4.6x30mm ones. Doesn't make a lot of sense, but it had to be done for it to work well.)
Heckler und Koch - UMP

DeadPool2099's Mods:

9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) Redux
.45 Auto Pistol (Colt M1911)
Grease Gun SMG
Hunting Shotgun
Caravan Shotgun
Bullpup Bozar
Service Rifle

Misc. Mods:

Accuracy International L96A1 - requires Hunting Rifle Animation Replacer, a patch for it is available in Commonwealth Arsenal Reloaded

Hope you enjoy the mod! Make sure you drop an endorsement and report any bugs and suggestions ;)