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Adds a radio item under the aid tab to allow calling in reinforcements. These squads can be controlled and some have upgrade options to improve their capability. Main versions based on the Militarised Minutemen mod. Optional Horizon patch support

Permissions and credits
** Mod completely overhauled (again) at Version 3.0.0 **
New Gunner squads added in 3.2.0


I really like the Militarized Minutemen mod (with the Patches addon), but didn't like how the patrols and flaregun reinforcements were always random. I wanted to be able to call in specific squad types for the sake of a little immersion.  This now includes my own variations of the Minutemen with my vision of what a commando, infantry or ranger squad looks like.


This mod adds a radio item after the Minutemen Quest "Taking Independence" has been completed. If the player has already completed the quest or on completion of the quest the "Handheld VHF Radio" item will be added to their inventory. After quest completion it can also be crafted under the Utility tab at the Chemstation.

The mod is broken into different 'editions' each offering a different level of customisation or features. If you're not using any other large Minutemen mods then I would suggest going with either the Custom or Custom Extra editions as these are the ones I have focused my efforts in creating. A brief description of each edition is provided here with more detail in the relevant article page.

Base - Really basic with next to no customisation. No additional mod requirements functioning as a simple reinforcement radio.

MilMin Standard - Requires the Militarized Minutemen mod (Patches addon optional) but makes no changes to the levelled lists or squad setups. Included if you have set up your own custom vision of the Minutemen.

MilMin Custom - Requires the Militarized Minutemen mod and Patches addon. Makes comprehensive changes to the levelled lists and squad setups to give unique and characterised reinforcement call ins. This is based on my vision of what the Militarised Minutemen should look like.

MilMin Custom Extra - This is now part of the main file download, I have 'closed' its old mod page. Same setup as for the Custom Edition, but with additional mod requirements to add further depth to the character and levelled lists of the Squads.


Video describing the functions introduced with version 2.0.0
Largely unchanged for version 3.2.0 with note that the Master Drill Sergeant character now gives the training manuals

When used the radio presents the player with a menu to select a reinforcement squad that will follow the player for around 5 minutes before wandering off.  Reusing the radio with a squad deployed will give the player a status menu to see the health of the squad and give some basic commands. Soldiers are not flagged essential and can die.

With version 3.0.0 the different Gunners squads are unlocked based on player level and require a payment of caps for each call in.

The Minutemen reinforcement acquisition has been tweaked slightly since the introduction of training manuals in v2.0.0. Your level and the combined global population of your settlements determines when each squad type can be trained and called in. **Updated in v3.0.0** After completion of the Old Guns quest a random timer will start before the Maser Drill Sergeant appears in The Castle, once he arrives and on achieving the required level and population you will get a miscellaneous quest and a message of a new training manual being available. They are free to 'buy' from him as a shop item.

Each manual relates to the respective squad type that it will allow you to call in, currently the cost of running the training program is a one off payment in caps. This is to simulate the weapons, ammo and equipment used to train your new soldiers. These are sometimes different between different editions and are explained within the relevant article page.

Squad Upgrades

You have the ability to apply upgrades to some of the Minutemen squads. In its initial release state this is limited to increasing squad sizes and adding medics as squad members to Infantry, Commando and Elite teams.

On meeting the upgrade prerequisites which include standard Fallout 4 perks and global settlement population (a 100 settler population across all settlements will allow for all upgrades to be built). You can craft upgrade modules at the Chemstation, this will give you a miscellaneous item that once activated will apply the upgrades to the next set of squads you call in.

With combat medics in the squad they have a limited supply pool to heal other squad members after a fight. The medic must be alive, have supplies and not be in combat for you to give the order to heal. This is accessed through the Health Status menu. Each medic has enough supply to heal all team members twice over in one mission.

Installation and load order:
Installation of v3.2.0 is done via a FOMOD installer that allows you to choose which edition of the mod you want to install. Refer to the article page for direction on how to install and how to update from v2 without losing unlock progress.

Please do engage and report any bugs as you find them. I am aware that I am starting to get 'mission creep' in the overall aim of what I originally set out to do in this mod. My future plans are to maintain and add some elements to this mod but largely leave its features as they are in v3.2.0. I will probably look at doing a Minutemen Overhaul as a separate mod that will incorporate the Reinforcement Radio features plus more control on how to progress and upgrade the Minutemen faction as a whole.

Other Mods:
Why not try this out with my other mod PreWar Binoculars - Call in Fire Support addon to call in artillery before storming the enemy with your minutemen squads? Or if you have Stingray Air Support use the Call in Fire Support (Stingray Version).


Special credit and thanks to CDante for permission in integrating his All Camo Uniforms mod to add some extra diversity to the Gunner Veteran and Exiles squads.

A quick shoutout to SKK50 for his assistance both on Reddit and the Nexus Forums.  Not giving the easy answers away helped me massively in understanding the basics to scripts.

A big shoutout to Seddon and Kinggath for their YouTube modding tutorial series that proved to be vital in my learning of modding.  Check them out if you're wanting to make your own mods!