Enclave Officers Uniform by PQuinn
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I've never been good at descriptions. Happy Birthday Void, you can find a few sets in the glowing sea, at the crashed vertibird. "Help officer 4 armo", not the BoS one.

Known bugs:
Currently using Prestons' gloves, I'll get around to making the actual gloves in a few days.
Minor rigging issues on both male and female, will be addressed when the outfit is complete.
Definitely not designed with CBBE in mind; you can go ahead and try to convert it to your specific body, but it probably won't look good.

Go ahead and patch it, alter it, reupload it in Aramaic, stick it in your enclave overhaul. I'll include source files for retexturing later. If you do modify and redistribute, please give a link to my page here, as well as https://dogtoothcg.wordpress.com/