Fallout 4

About this mod

Adds a woman's touch to multiple outfits in order to properly resemble the 1950s. An era when skirts, legs, stockings, high heels, charm and class were extremely sexy... infact, they still are.

The mod comes in two versions : With stockings and without stockings.

Permissions and credits

Remember the time when ladies clothed elegantly while being charming, classy and sexy at the same time ?

This mod feminizes female versions of male outfits by making sure there is a distinct difference between male and female meshes, including all their variants (dirty, clean and recolored versions), based on the 1950s fashion.

Use the NMM installer to choose your options during an installation.

Q 1 : I have a complaint about the lore/realism/immersiveness of this mod. May I bother you with my complaint ?
A: If a certain outfit is not to your liking, there's an installer provided by the mod which allows you to choose the outfits you want replaced. Please don't complain to me about outfits.

Q 2 : Why do the replacers have an ESP ?
A: Because some outfits use new meshes and textures, therefore in order to make sure that both male and female version doesn't break, the ESP is required for material files (texture sources). Mod can also be uninstalled at any time without any trouble.

Q 3 : Why doesn't CBBE Bodyslide have the Institute Lab Coats and Father's Coat ?
A: Because I couldn't make a Bodyslide for it as the outfit had seams when ran through BS. I don't know why that happens.

Q 4 : I am using EVB body. Which version do I download ?
A: The vanilla version.

Q 5 : I am using CBBE body. Which version do I download ?
A: The CBBE verison.

Q 6 : Will you port this to X or Y body ?
A: No. The mod works on Vanilla/EVB and CBBE. You are free to convert to other bodies if you so desire.

Q 7 : Will you make a standalone version ?
A: I made the standalone version a long time ago, but I dropped it because the download numbers were quite low and not worth the time investment. It is still available on the Nexus as a reupload from someone else.

Q 8 : I don't want to read the description. Can I ask you something that is already answered on the front page instead ?
A: You can... only after you read the description.

Q 9 : Why do the Army Fatigues have a skirt ?!
A: I made it as such because I wanted an outfit that resembles WW2 military uniforms for women. They were not allowed onto the battlefield, but they did work in military offices and wore outfits that looked similar.

If you have any opinion/complaint about this, please keep it to yourself because I really don't care. Thank you.

Q 10 : All my Business suits are of TAN color ? Is this a bug ?
A: It means you have a mod that is conflicting with this one. Try changing its position in the load order.

Q 11 : I don't like certain outfits from this mod. How can I choose to install only certain outfits ?
A: Use the CUSTOM option when installing this mod and don't tick any outfit which you don't want.


Bodyslide and Outfit studio - For mesh editing
Nifskope - For mesh optimizing
GIMP - For texture editing
Material Editor - For material (BGSM/BGEM) editing
BAE (Bethesda Archive Extractor) - For exporting materials/textures or meshes from the game
Creation Kit and FO4Edit - To implement the mod into the game or make AWKCR/AE based mods