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This mod combines into an all-in-one .esl file the companion locator/teleport holotapes from Depravity, Fusion City Rising, Outcasts & Remnants, and Project Valkyrie.

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What is this?
A holotape: The "Teleport Thuggyverse Companions to you" holotape. It teleports to you any companion from the following mods:
Fusion City Rising
Outcasts & Remnants
Project Valkyrie
Why? What’s the point?
So you don’t need to carry around separate holotapes for “Teleport Valkyrie Companions”, “Teleport OAR Companions”, “Teleport Depravity Companions”, and “Teleport FCR Companions”, trying to remember which mod a companion came from, or where add-on mods for those quest mods went. Now it’s all-in-one.
What companions are included in this?
Fusion City Rising:
Dayna, Peter, Spike
Outcasts & Remnants + Project Valkyrie:
Ash, Gabriel, Brutus, Valkyrie, Owen, Sarah, Fiona, Liberty Prime, Arthur Maxson, Scribe Haylen, Gloria, Synth Nate, Synth Nora, Veronica, Shannon, Carla

Murphy, Eden, Harley, Alerios, Roxy, Kellogg, Slave Kasumi
Holy frame rates Batman, that’s a lot of companions
Over two dozen. Not advisable to take them all with you at once, but it’s your game.
How do I obtain the holotape in-game?
Craft it for 1 plastic at any chemistry station, under the Utility category.
Installation and Required Files
Install like any regular mod. You need all 6 official DLC and the following mods to make this work:
Fusion City Rising
Outcasts & Remnants
Project Valkyrie
Will there be a version that doesn’t require all four of those mods?
No. If you don’t want all four mods, keep using the holotapes from the individual mods.
Will this stop Spike from blocking the f*cking doorways or Liberty Prime from giving away my position?

Is there an .esl version?

The mod is an .esp tagged as .esl, so it won't take up a load order slot.