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PRP Patches for some mods I use. Currently only works for version 0.59.5 of PRP.

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Redid precombines and previs data for a few mods.

All these are supported:
Tales of the Commonwealth - fully supported
The Secret of Huntress Manor - fully supported
Flashy's Crime and Punishment - fully supported
Xander's Aid - fully supported
Fourville - fully supported
Journey to Ipswich - fully supported
Fusion City Rising - fully supported
Hookers of the Commonwealth (FCR version) - fully supported
Outcasts and Remnants - fully supported
Danse Dilemma - partially supported
Universal working bathroom fixtures - partially supported

Fully supported mods usually means I currently have them in my load order and expect patches with other mods.
Partially supported mods usually means I do not have these items in my load order but I did them anyway because of requests but I will not patch them to other mods (fully supported or partially supported).

Things I will do (but will not publish because of something being broken when generating previsibines):
Horizon v1.8 (waiting for 1.9 and then I will try a full previsibine patch)

In regards to thuggyverse, I will not be doing Depravity and Project Valkyrie since those mods do not break precombines. If you want to use the full suite, use mith's optimization patch here, do note that my patches will not work with his mod.

Things I will not do:
Mods I don't see myself using in a foreseeable future.
Mods I have not mentioned in the Things I will do but not publish because something went wrong in the CK (basically any other mod that causes the CK to crash)
Mods that have similar patches to mine.

When will the next update happen?
This is going to sound mean but I probably will not be updating this even after PRP's next update. It is just taxing on time when I have to create patches and patches of mods that it ends up being a never ending spiral. I believe that previsibine generation should be based on one's load order and not individual patches, because, one, there is a limit to how many ba2s the game can load and, two, you would have to keep track of every mod that conflicts in the files.

Why Is this need for some mods?
Because they either didn't apply a material swap when generating precombines/Vis (Xander's Aid) or they moved/disabled precombined objects.

Why use your xxx patch when there is one out already?
You can choose whichever one you want, but the patches I create are based on my files and findings, are based on a pure PRP vanilla game (I do not use any loose meshes or other mods when generating), and I try not to modify the parent plugins as much as I can.

Do you have a guide on making the patches?
Yes, right here. (I do have a fork, the branches in my fork are considered in progress)

Why is PRP required?
PRP.esp is needed because the files I generated visibility from use PRP's precombined objects if mine are not present.

How can I make requests?
Requests are temporary hiatus. I will be taking a break and try playing the game for once. This does not mean that I will not solve visual glitches if they are present.

Load order should be something like this (names are not accurate and this list can apply to any similar mod situation):
Fallout 4 + DLC
TFTC prp patch
Fourville prp patch
TFTC + Fourville prp patch

Where can I contact you outside of nexus?:
For Fallout 4 inquires you can find me in the Collective modding discord

Please report any oddities which you see and I'll try to fix them.