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Aims to eliminate big head for Non-Race Customizer NPC races when using a Race Customizer Player Race. Currently supports the Vulpine, Lupine, Javelin and Amelia Races, as well as Owen from Outcasts and Remnants.

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Races that don't make use of Race Customizer typically call upon the default skeleton. Problem is, Player Races that Rely on Race Customizer do so because they alter the default skeleton. Race Customizer redirects the Human Race to call upon a copy of the skeleton so NPCs are not affected by changes made to the default skeleton.

In the case of modded races that don't use Race Customizer, They are not natively supported, and their NPCs will be affected by player race mods that alter the skeleton. I aim to correct this by providing patches to have the Race call upon the skeleton provided by Race Customizer. This will resolve the issue of custom race NPCs having big heads when playing as a Race Customizer Race.

Do NOT use these patches when the Player Race is the race these are meant to patch! Not only is it unnecessary, it WILL crash your game!! Only use these to fix the NPC big headdedness caused by custom player races that use Race Customizer! It's not needed if you don't use a Race Customizer Player Race!

Currently Supported
Outcasts and Remnants

Other Races
Selachii - Will NOT Patch (it already has one)
Anthro Deathclaw - No known NPC mod (unnecessary?)
Furry Fallout 4 - low priority (not on Nexus)

Let me know what other Races you'd like to see patched.