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No more old Wizard, welcome the hot Witch!

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For anyone who wanted some supernatural romance with a mysterious wizard, but was put off because it was just an old guy living in the tower this mod is for you.

I present a brilliant mod by haywrite and WerewolfMaster, updated to SVE by PaintedParrot in a new female version. 

Go to the main mod (Romanceable Rasmodius - SVE Compatible) for all the information regarding the actual romance and event portion.

Version 2.0: As of today this mod doesn't overwrite any of PaintedParrot's files. This should allow it to work with future versions of the main mod, at least in theory.

Just drop the .rar contents into your mod folder
Romanceable Rasmodius SVE is required for this mod to work

For anyone updating from versions 1.x:
You have to delete the current mod folder, redownload the original main mod and then install my mod. The reason is the mod now checks if the required files are installed and won't recognize the previous version as valid.

What this mod brings to the game:
  • The old Wizard is now a hot Witch - changes the name (Rasmodius to Rasmodia) and gender in the game files
  • Changes dialogues to fit the new gender - If I missed something let me know and I'll fix it
  • New sprite and portrait - for now only 2 expressions, if anyone wants to share his female wizard portrait with full range of expressions go ahead!

Currently known issues (will fix in the future):
  • Marlon refers to her as Magnus during SVE Void Shard event
  • Pierre's and Caroline's mature events aren't edited yet, I'll do it when I reach them.. I don't want to get spoiled
  • Few letters require signature change

All of the assets were made by CreepyKat, idea for dialogue changes was thanks to lineyakitty and her version of the Female Wizard mod.