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Jas is a lonely child, with only Vincent to play with, and the two adults in her life having little time with her, so what she needs is an animal friend.

Introducing, Mister Ginger!

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • French
He's a ginger cat that follows Jas around town, and pays visits to the other villagers. Some appreciate him, others do not. Like all good cats, he has numerous names.

Sometimes he may randomly talk. This is because certain dialogue (ie: the Dumpster Diving dialogue) is hard-coded and I cannot change it for one character without changing it for everyone (if anyone can advise me on this, I'd appreciate it). I guess just pretend you're hallucinating? Or maybe cats DO talk? Try becoming friends with him and see!

As you may have guessed, Mister Ginger is not your average house cat.

Designed in conjunction with my Immersive Marnie (and Jas expansion) mod. Both will run independently, but installing him as an actual character will increase the immersion (and mean he's more than just a character in a couple of cutscenes).

Note: Whilst I tried to stay fairly close to the canon of the core game, I have expanded somewhat on a number of the characters and the lore. This made lead to a few lore contradictions with other mods that also expand on these.

It has been tested with Karmylla's Immersive Maps and designed to be compatible.
It has been partly tested with SVE, and should be compatible for the most part, but not necessarily for festivals.
It is compatible with Ran's Harvest Goddess.
Please let me know if you have any issues.
This mod adds several custom sprites for Shane. If you are using a program that adjusts Shane's sprites (ie: DSVO) may result in a temporary mismatch or lead to invisible characters.

This is one of my first mods, so please let me know if you have any concerns or issues - or find any bugs or typos.

If you want to install Mr. Ginger but want a more anime-style aesthetic in your game, Baooduy has created a (very cute) alternative portrait.
Two-heart Scene:
Visit town after 2pm on a sunny day

Four-heart Scene:
Attend Caroline's Aerobic class.

Five-heart Scene:
Visit the beach on a sunny Friday afternoon.

Six-heart Scene
The Wizard will send you a letter with the details once you've seen the previous scenes.
(Required two hearts with the wizard)

Eight-heart Scene
Visit the Forest after dark.

Ten-Heart Scene
Visit the town after dark. This one is in two parts. Second part is triggered by leaving the farm east the next sunny morning.

1. Make sure you have Content Patcher and SMAPI installed.
2. Unzip/drag the entire folder into your Mods folder.
3. Open your game and meet the cat!

Yes, you can invite Mr. Ginger to move in with you!
- must be 10 hearts
- he will accept any legendary fish
- my 'Tristan' mod must NOT be installed.


Some translations are included with this mod, others can be found as individual mods to install:
- Included: Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Russian (These may not be 100% up to date, for an up-to-date Russian, see link below)
Separate install:
- Russian by 6Squad
- Polish by Wikiwojtek2