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The sisters have very different personalities, but no one said they can't look a bit more similar to each other

Permissions and credits
Emily portraits and sprites with support for the two biggest seasonal outfits mods
Diverse Stardew Valley and Seasonal Cuter Aesthetic

One file to rule them all. Enhanced Emily automatically detects if DSV or SCA are installed and uses the correct version of the assets.
Vanilla version contains both the regular, beach and winter outfits adjusted for 1.6 version of the game. 
DSV and SCA support is made using overlays, as such no assets from those mods were used in the making of Enhanced Emily.

Vanilla version doesn't require any config.

DSV version is handled completely on the side of DSV and will use whatever setting you have set for Emily there. Only Vanilla Variant of Emily is supported and if it's set to Black or Romani variant, this mod will do nothing.

Only settings for Seasonal Cuter Aesthetic are included in this mod's config and should be kept the same as in the original mod. So if you change anything regarding Emily in SCA config, please do the same here to avoid mismatch with the outfit.

Side note: Venture into the overlay folders with caution or avoid doing so, the contents might cause nightmares or other unforeseen events.

Akayotic18 for creating original assets that serve as a base for this mod and permission to use them
AirynS for huge help with DSV portion of the code and keeping up with my annoying questions
paradigmnomad for the original SVO overlays and showing me it's possible
Poltergeister and other artists for creating SVO and Seasonal Cuter Aesthetic mods
And all the modded farmers in Stardew Valley Discord for motivation and feedback