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Pay Robin to install some sprinklers in the rafters of your greenhouse (and eventually across your entire farm) allowing for 100% utilization.

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Please read: the official Repo Readme before asking questions, they're probably answered there

Greenhouse Sprinklers is a mod that allows you to pay Robin in Gold and Materials (namely Sprinklers and Batteries) to add upgrades to your farm.

Level 1: Sprinklers added to the greenhouse, only runs in the morning

Level 2: Greenhouse Sprinklers upgraded, now run in the morning and at the end of the day

Level 3: Robin adds a network of hidden sprinklers underground all over the farm, watering all crops in the morning and the evening.

Config.json Options:

  • By Default I provided 3 different levels of difficulty to get your upgrades, and have set the setting to the middle one.
  • I have added an Option "ShowVisualUpgrades" and defaulted it to on. Turn this off if you are using any other mods that modify the greenhouse!
  • Version 1.3 added a Content Patcher key into the system. If you use another mod that modifies the exterior of the greenhouse, but also want visual updates as upgrades are applied by this mod, ask those other creators nicely to consider adding that functionality. They can find the exact details at the Github Readme (linked near the top of this description)

To Upgrade sprinklers:

  • Have a Greenhouse
  • Be Friendly with the Wizard
  • Receive Mail from the Wizard
  • Visit Robin
  • Select "Sprinkler System Upgrade" from the "Construct Farm Buildings" menu
  • Select your Greenhouse
  • Robin will do the upgrade (should take as long as a coop or barn upgrade)
  • Enjoy growing more crops and using your watering can even less!

Future Plans (no particular order):

  • Visual changes inside the greenhouse as it is upgraded
  • Confirm and expand compatibility with other Mods that affect the Greenhouse

Current Compatibility:

  • Unknown, works with several common mods, have not tested it with any other mods that edit the greenhouse.
  • It should work for Expanded size mods, but will probably fail for Multiplayer Greenhouse (and other multiroom Greenhouses) and Build Greenhouse

Known Compatible mods:

Included Translations:
If you want to help translate, please see the information in the Github readme (linked near top of this article)

Source Code (MIT License)

Changelog: See Official Changelog