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An expansion for the Adventurer's Guild complete with new quests, 30+ story events, new romanceable NPCs, and the ability to befriend and recruit a friendly monster to live on your farm! Compatible with SVE!

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Adventurer’s Guild Expanded is an expansion for the Adventurer's Guild, complete with new quests, 30+ story events, new romanceable NPCs, and the ability to befriend and recruit a friendly monster to live on your farm! It’s even compatible with mods like SVE and RSV!

After you’ve played at least 15 in-game days and have completed the Adventurer’s Guild initiation, you’ll be able to trigger a new event at the Adventurer’s Guild. Completing the ‘Expanding the Guild’ quest will unlock the Monster Research Wing of the Adventurer’s Guild dedicated to researching the monsters that live in the local mines. In addition, Marlon’s nephew and niece will move to Stardew Valley to help run the Monster Research Wing!

  • A new questline exploring the history of monsters in the mine system, complete with rewards and 15+ cutscenes!
  • Two new romanceable NPCs, complete with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 14 heart events, over 100 lines of dialogue, spouse rooms/patios, movie tastes, and more!
  • One secret monster NPC that you can invite to live underneath your farmhouse (even if you’re married)!
  • New locations for you to explore!
  • 10+ new items, including new crops, new decorations, a new weapon, and new items for decoration!
  • An optional music download to experience the true Adventurer's Guild Expanded story!
  • Even more to come!

You can learn more about the new content included in this mod below, or in the Articles!

After the Monster Research Wing is built, two new romanceable NPCs will move to Stardew Valley! Expand the spoilers underneath an NPC's name to learn more about them!



Gain friendship with Zinnia and Gabriel and learn more about their goals, personality, and insecurities. You may even learn about their past - just what happened with their mother? Why does their father have a disdain for adventuring? You’ll have to play to find out!

Other NPCs:

There are also a few more NPCs that can be encountered as you progress throughout the questline and gain friendship with Gabriel and Zinnia. You can click expand to learn more about them!

Giftable NPCs:


Nongiftable NPCs:



Adventurer's Guild Expanded has many different questlines, each with its own rewards and events. Each main questline deals with exploring the secrets of a different monster race, but there are other smaller questlines available as well! Below you can find summaries/tips for each questline if you are stuck or need help. 

Expand the text under a questline’s name to see the quests included. 

Expanding The Guild: Marlon is interested in expanding the Guild and opening a new research wing. Will you help him?

 Slime Research: The first monster race you and Gabriel will explore is the slimes - the squishy, seemingly cute creatures that can be deadly if ignored. How can they be calmed and stopped from hurting other humans? It’s up to you to figure that out!

This mod has the following requirements in order to function properly:

SMAPI by Pathoschild
Content Patcher by Pathoschild
Json Assets by spacechase0
SpaceCore by spacechase0
Expanded Preconditions Utility by CherryChain
Custom NPC Exclusions by EscaMMC

SAAT by ZeroMetres (if you want custom music)

The mods listed above this are the only mods required for this mod to function, but I highly recommend the below mods to pair with Adventurer's Guild Expanded!

Also, I give permission to anyone to use the new characters/locations in their spinoff mods (ex: portrait/sprite redesigns, rival heart events, etc.) If you do, contact me and I'll add it to the list above!

This mod should be compatible with most mods. Some popular mods are listed below:


Please report any incompatibilities to me (especially with SVE), and I will try to see what I can do!

Because this is a story-based expansion, there is currently only 1 config option. I’m always open to adding more or making existing features configurable, so let me know if you have any suggestions! Below I've listed the available config options and their descriptions.


If you have any questions, chances are the answer can be found on the mod page or in the Articles. Still, you can always feel free to make a post with your question and I’ll try to help you!

This is the biggest mod I’ve ever made, so there are bound to be some glitches/bugs that I didn't encounter during testing. Please please please feel free to leave a post or bug report if you encounter a bug and I’ll try to fix it ASAP!

I have a few plans for what I can add to this mod if you all would like more:

New Questlines: Questlines relating to the other types of monsters in Stardew Valley: for example, Skeletons, Mummies, Void Spirits, and more!
More New NPCs: Daniel (Gabriel and Zinnia’s father) is already planned to become a new NPC in a future update, but I’d love to keep adding new human and new monster NPCs!
More New Items, Locations, and Events relating to the different monster races and new NPCs!

This download is mainly in English. The current translations are listed below - usually, mod downloads require you to replace certain files with translated versions of them. If you want to add a translation, that would be great and you have my full permission to upload it! (but be warned, there’s quite a lot to translate!)

Chinese by KatherineC4
Russian by Team translation 6squad

Downloading the mod is support enough, but if you would like you can donate directly through Nexus or donate on my Ko-Fi :)

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