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About this mod

Befriend a warm-hearted but lonely gardener living in the forest. Original mod was made by Leroy (irias0701).

Permissions and credits
Original Korean mod by irias0701
Content Patcher conversion from TMXL provided by Kamalei

This is a machine translation which I have cleaned up, grammar checked and playtested.
Feel free to suggest improvements or point out errors in the dialogue.
Please note that much of Eugene's story can only be learned by dating and marrying him due to the heart requirements for events.

About Eugene
Eugene is a gentle soul living in solitude amongst his flowers. Though anxious about meeting the new farmer, he appreciates the company.
He spends his time tending to the garden, baking, and experiencing the occasional existential crisis about the transience of happiness.
Something has been troubling him for many years. Will you be the one to give him guidance?

This mod is not compatible with SVE due to Eugene's house being in the same location as Andy's farm.

Event Requirements Guide
ID 80001 - Introduction event triggered by simply entering Eugene's house at any time
ID 80002 -  Back room of Eugene's house, 2 hearts of friendship
ID 80003 - Eugene's house, 6 hearts
ID 80004 - Town, 4 hearts, 7pm-12pm, Weekend
ID 80005 - Back room of Eugene's house, 8 hearts, After seeing the town event
ID 800061 - Farm, 10 hearts, 6am-10am, Clear weather
ID 80006 - Forest, 10 hearts, 7pm-1am, Clear weather, After seeing the farm event
ID 8000140 -  Farm, 14 hearts, 9pm - 2am, Weekday, Clear weather
ID 8000141 - Farm, 6am-12am, Weekend, Clear weather
ID 8000142 - Eugene's house, Weekend, after last farm event.

Important Information From the Original Description
  • Edits of Eugene's portraits are not permitted
  • Distribution of edited maps for compatibility is not permitted, however edits can be made for private use
    UPDATE (22/05/22) : Provided credit is given to its original creator (Leroy, AKA irias0701) and the policies of other modders are respected, you may create and distribute altered versions of the Eugene mod, including map edits and compatibility patches. While you are also welcome to use this translated version as the base for map edits, I encourage you to contact me first so the file can be posted here. This would alert anyone tracking this mod, including those who have been waiting for alternate versions. Of course, if you do not get a response for over a week - or you do not feel it would be appropriate as an alternate download - you may upload it yourself. Remember that monetization is strictly forbidden.
  • Translations of the original to other languages is permitted, so long as they are strictly non-profit
  • There will be no further updates or bug fixes to the original mod
  • If you use a map recolour mod, replace the {{season}}_outdoortilesheets.png file with the recoloured equivalent