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SVE compatible version of Romanceable Rasmodius, with extra updates and bug fixes. Makes the Wizard romanceable and marriageable, includes 2, 4 ,6, 8, 10, and 14th heart events. Built off of haywrites Wizard Narrative Overhaul, and updated from WerewolfMaster's Romanceable Rasmodius.

Permissions and credits
This mod is Romanceable Rasmodius by WerewolfMaster (which is built off of the Wizard Narrative Overhaul mod by haywrites) but made compatible with FlashShifter's Stardew Valley Expanded. It also includes bug fixes and extra features to better streamline it with the lore of SVE. Visit the original mod for more details and to show your support HERE!

  • Place both the [CP] Romanceable Rasmodius SVE and [TMX] Romanceable Rasmodius into your mods folder.
  • Requires SMAPI, Content Patcher, TMX, PyTK, and Stardew Valley Expanded to all be installed as well.
  • (Optional) Custom Kissing Mod patch requires Custom Kissing Mod by Digus to be installed (allows you to kiss the Wizard before marriage after seeing the 10 heart event.)
  • (Optional) You can get a custom spouse patio as well from the original mod as an optional file (Immersive Farm 2 compatibility available), requires Custom Spouse Patios Mod.
  • (Wizard Narrative Overhaul is NOT required, it is already included!)

Features (from original mod):

  • Fully romanceable Wizard.
  • Wizard spouse room.
  • 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 14-heart events with the Wizard.
  • Everything from Wizard Narrative Overhaul.
  • 70+ new lines of post-marriage dialogue for the Wizard.
  • New festival dialogue for the Wizard (it changes, based on your heart level with him).
  • Compatible with any portrait mod!
  • Purple-haired babies.
  • Spouse Patio (available at original mod download page, Immersive Farm 2 compatibility available.)

Features (Updates + Compatibility)
  • Compatibility with SVE 1.10 and 1.11.*
  • Full 12 expression portrait compatibility. (Works best with multi expression portraits rather than vanilla, I used Who's Rasmodius for reference when adding expressions, but any expression sheet will work.)
  • Marriage schedule reflects SVE schedule.
  • More Marriage Dialogue.**

  • Overwrite Generic Dialogue: (true, false, Default: true) Enable to get unique responses to certain events such as proposal, bouquet, etc.
  • Sprite: (Default: Vanilla) 
  • vanilla: Original Wizard from vanilla Stardew Valley.
  • new: Custom edited Wizard sprite from the original Romanceable Rasmodius mod made to fit with DCBurger's Portrait Mod, used in mod images (walkcycle bug fixed with my version.)
  • custom: Disables the sprite update from this mod, allowing you to install a custom sprite mod. If your custom sprite wont work, copy the sprite into [CP]Romanceable Rasmodius SVE\assets\Characters and rename it to VanillaWizard, then set config sprite to vanilla. Essentially replace the vanilla wizard with the custom sprite.
  • Wizard Babies: (true, false, Default: false) Enable the custom wizard baby sprites that make your children look like the wizard (purple hair,) disable if you use custom baby sprites.

Triggering Heart Events:

  • 2 hearts: Enter the Wizard's tower at any time of day.
  • 4 hearts: Go to the mountain, after 8pm. (Note: This event requires at least 1 heart with Linus to trigger.)
  • 6 hearts: Enter the forest after 8am when it's sunny. (Note: This event requires 2 hearts with Leah to trigger.)
  • 8 hearts: Enter the Wizard's tower at any time of day.
  • 10 hearts: Once you give the Wizard the bouquet and reach 10 hearts, you should receive a letter in the mail the following day, asking you to meet him in the secret woods. Go there between 8am and 5pm after reading the note.
  • 14 hearts: There are four events, the first three are very short and will trigger one after another RANDOMLY with a 50%, 25% and 25% chance, respectively. The first occurs when entering the farmhouse 10pm and 12am. The second occurs when entering the farmhouse between 7am and 5pm. The third happens when leaving the farmhouse between 6am and 7pm. The fourth and final event will take place on the Summit map (from SVE) between 7pm and 12am (Note: This event requires the third house upgrade to trigger).


  • Looking for Love: compatible as long as you disable LFL's dateable Wizard, otherwise they overwrite each other.
  • Razolyn the Magnificent: Incompatible for as long as Razolyn replaces the Wizard.
  • Ran's Harvest Goddess: Incompatible, overwrite one another.
  • Dialogue Mods: should work as long as they load BEFORE this mod. (Put a Z in front of the [CP] Romanceable Rasmodius SVE folder to make sure it loads last.)
  • Stardew Valley Expanded: Compatible, obviously.
  • Custom Kissing Mod: Patch available in optional files.
  • Who's Rasmodius: Sleeping animation fixed IF you have [CP] Who_M_Wizard_Character installed.

Thank you to WerewolfMaster for opening up the permissions to update/edit/reupload the mod and to FlashShifter for allowing more lore compatibility with SVE!

* I'm still in the process of checking compatibility for SVE 1.11 (If anyone runs into any issues please let me know). I've noticed that the new rotated festival maps have custom dialogue for the Wizard that overwrites the festival dialogue from this mod. As of writing this I've only witnessed the Year 2 Spirits Eve festival, Ill continue to check the new content to see what its like and if it deviates too far from the lore of our beloved wizard. 
I'm also aware that there's some bugs with asking the Wizard to dance at the Flower Dance, ill be looking into it.

** When updating the mod, I noticed that a lot of marriage dialogue from the original mod doesn't actually get used in the game because it gets overwritten by other marriage dialogue. I've changed it so all dialogues get used in the game through randomization. The amount of marriage dialogue that shows up in the game now is nearly double. :) (Further Details: The lost dialogue was meant to overwrite default marriage dialogue, but because the mod comes with a very large selection of wizard specific marriage dialogue, in my experience the game would never (or extremely rarely) use any default marriage dialogue.) Ill likely soon be providing an update for the original mod with the dialogue update as well in the comments of the original mod if anyone is interested in that.

I have many ideas for further streamlining the lore of SVE with this version of the mod, so please continue to look out for that!