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Fostoria was once a bustling mining community near Pelican Town. Now largely abandoned, Fostoria is home to three new NPCs and two shops. This new location offers bountiful forage, new fishing locations, new friends, new quests, and even allows you to walk to the desert. Fostoria also provides a walking link to my larger expansion mod, Stoffton.

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Playing Stardew Valley got me through the early months of the pandemic. As crazy and unsettling as the world became, I could still sink into Stardew and escape for awhile. After many hours playing the vanilla game, I started playing with mods. Eventually, I decided I wanted to try writing a mod myself.

My first mod, Family Ties, reimagines the vanilla characters in new roles. As I worked on that mod, I realized that what I really wanted to do was create a new town - a place to tell my own stories with my own characters. That town is Stoffton, an enormous project that is still under construction. Fostoria, the link to Stoffton, started as the remains of an abandoned town outside of thriving Stoffton. Created initially as a transition space to explore and forage, Fostoria took on a life of its own, with custom NPCs, new heart events for those NPCs, custom locations, and even a few quests to bring more to the area.

I hope that you enjoy exploring Fostoria and meeting the NPCs who call it home. It is but a taste of what is to come in Stoffton.


We have a new wiki! Check it out here.

Fostoria is a new custom location accessed by walking through the bus tunnel to the west. Fostoria is home to three new NPCs, two shops, new areas to forage, and much more to discover. Fostoria is a standalone mod, but it is one of three that are designed to work together. Fostoria a smaller expansion that links to the larger city of Stoffton (currently in beta) and will work well with Family Ties (a mod that reimagines the families of Pelican Town but is not required to enjoy Fostoria or Stoffton).

Version 3.0+ should be compatible with WTDR.

New Map Sizes

You can edit the config.json file to choose a different size for the Fostoria map - Big (120x120), Small (120x80), or Tiny (120x40). The default setting is Small.

Note: For best results, edit the config file BEFORE starting your save file (if the size is changed later, bushes and debris may appear in strange can use reset terrain features to fix this).

New NPCs


Pori is a fun, loving flower child. She spends most of her time curating and growing flowers.


Remmington sells a variety of fish in his shop. If you dislike fishing as much as this mod author but also want to finish the community center, this is the man to befriend. Where he gets those fish is something of a mystery. Note: Remmington will move to Stoffton if that mod is installed. See our wiki for more information.


Iris is the Wizard's sister. She keeps a small shop in Fostoria selling a few museum quality artifacts. She has a wider array of inventory for her closest friends.

New Heart Events

Each NPC has at least three heart events. Two of those events start a special quest that leads to even greater rewards!




Reaching Stoffton

If you also have Stoffton installed, you can reach the city by walking across the Fostoria map. The path to Stoffton is about midway up the right-hand side of the map (no matter which size map you are using). 

Note: As you leave Fostoria, you first enter Rocky Ford (the rural map that is part of Stoffton) where you will learn about one of the families in the area before you can walk to the upper right corner of the Rocky Ford map and on into the city of Stoffton.

Reaching the Desert

If you follow the highway around Fostoria, you can reach the desert from the base game (even without repairing the bus). 

Fostoria Interiors

Fostoria includes several new interior locations to explore.  See our wiki for details!

Config Options

Added in 1.1+: In the config.json file, you can choose to include or exclude the new characters from the Feast of the Winter Star. If you use mods that add many characters to the game, Pelican Town can get very crowded during this festival, so Fostoria's default setting is: ExcludeNPCsWinterStar: "true". Changing the setting to "false" will allow Iris, Remmington, and Pori to attend the festival and will allow the game to select one of them as your secret friend. 

Special Thanks To:

New Sprites and Exteriors

Proofreading, Brainstorming, and Moral Support

PathoschildCherrychain, and the many other mod developers who created the tools that made this mod possible, as well as those whose work inspired me to try creating my own mod.