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Juna (n.)
: a seemingly ageless ballerina who grew up among the Junimos and has a beef with the Wizard.
also: a rude mess

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Juna is an adult (?), aromantic, chaotic woman with a strange past and a penchant for dramatics. She abhors the beach, loves ballet, considers Robin the light of her life, doesn't really get fishing, sincerity or picnics, and takes an inordinate amount of pleasure in tormenting the Wizard.

As of Juna 2.0, you can ask Juna to be your roommate. See "Roommate Juna" below for more information.

Want to go adventuring with Juna? Check out Juna for NPC Adventures.


Includes heart events, a ton of dialogue, seasonal clothing, a dynamic schedule and a quest/special order or two.

All portraits, sprites and art you see on this mod page are made by the lovely Hime Tarts. I endorse her for everything art related.

💚 If you enjoy Juna's dancing and drama, she'd really like it if you endorsed this mod! 💙

1. Install the latest versions of SMAPI, Content Patcher, Custom Companions, Json Assets, Custom Gift Dialogue and Event Repeater.
2. Install Custom Fixed Dialogue and Custom NPC Exclusions (optional but highly recommended - see Requirements)
3. Unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods
4. Run the game using SMAPI.
5. See "FAQ" below for more information on when Juna appears in game.

See Articles.

Juna's roommate release comes with several new events, a temporary "couchsurfing" schedule, a very special gift, and a treasure hunt - all before you've even asked her to move in with you (i.e. you don't have to want her to be your roommate to take part in this content.)

Once she's moved in, I've done my best to make sure she still provides plenty of dialogue as well as a dynamic roommate schedule. Juna's randomized roommate events - bite-sized events that have a random chance of triggering when you enter the farmhouse at night on certain days - were inspired by BexTX's brilliant marriage events in her mod Mandalorian and Baby Yoda (check it out!).

Note that non-Krobus roommates will sleep in a single bed if there's one available and unused in the farmhouse (child beds do not count!), otherwise they'll sleep in the double bed with you.

See the Roommate article for more information on how to view Juna's new events and unlock her roommate item (the item you "propose" with).

1. Where is Juna?

Juna's introduction event will trigger once you've played at least 5 days in-game. To trigger her intro event, visit Cindersap Forest between 21.00 and midnight. Juna will show up at your door the following day.

Juna's home follows the normal rules for NPC's - i.e. you need to reach 2 hearts with her before you can enter her "house" (coughcavecough). Note: "opening hours" are 8 to 23, and you'll be transported there via magical warp (there won't be any visual change, all you have to do is walk up to the sign.)

2. Is Juna compatible with SVE?

She should be! However, do note the following:

- In Juna's config file, make sure you set "WizardSchedule" and "WizardStrings" to false before loading your SVE save.
- If you're adding Juna to an existing save file with SVE, you might want to use Reset Terrain Features in the forest, or the entrance to Juna's home might look a real mess.

- Juna expands quite a bit on the
Do with that what thy will.

3. Is Juna compatible with multiplayer?

I have absolutely no idea! I tend to run screaming in the opposite direction whenever I see the words "co-op", so I really can't tell you what goes into making something compatible/incompatible with that. If someone discovers she's not and wants me to fix it, feel free to come yell at me.

4. Is Juna compatible with X?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The one thing I do know: if you play with a female/much younger version of the Wizard, Juna's story will have a different feel to it. Likewise, if you marry him, Juna's Sundays are likely to take a turn for the weird, as that gives him a completely new schedule.
Note: Nomori, the author of Rasmodia, has made patches to ensure that Juna uses the correct pronouns with the witch!

5. Is Juna compatible with Free Love?

Mostly. I've had Juna as a roommate while also being married in-game, and while it won't result in any errors, there are a few things that won't work as intended unless Juna is the "official spouse". 

6. Who is this Olive Juna keeps mentioning?!


7. Any trigger warnings?

If you're fine playing vanilla SDV, you shouldn't have any problems with Juna. But just in case:

If Juna ever gets stuck in bed, you should be able to simply exit and re-start the game to get her going again.

Available config options:

  • WizardSchedule:  Loads a schedule for the Wizard. Should be disabled if another mod does the same (like SVE or Romanceable Rasmodius).
  • WizardStrings: Loads schedule strings for the Wizard. Should be disabled if another mod does the same.
  • BathHouseEvent: Loads the Spa Entry map. Should be disabled if you have another mod that loads/includes events in the entry to the spa.
  • PlatonicRoommate: Your relationship with Juna is by default platonic. If you want the bite-sized roommate events to not always be 100% platonic, set this option to FALSE.
  • RomanceableRasmodiusPortraits: Adds support for Romanceable Rasmodius. Set to true if you're using Romanceable Rasmodius with nine expressions. Set to false if you're using vanilla, SVE or RR SVE. Default is false.

If you're interested in translating Juna into another language, I'd be super stoked to hear from you! My day job is translating from English to Swedish and vice versa, which I've been doing for close to 10 years now. One thing I've learnt from this is that it is always, always better to have a direct line of communication with the original author (because it's god damn hard to know why writers make the choices they do sometimes). So, for everyone's peace of mind, but especially mine: please get in touch before you start digging into Juna's code? I'm reachable both here and on Discord (same user name).