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Jade is a self-proclaimed entomologist, lover of all things magical, and generally an odd person to meet.
Fully romanceable and marryable. Can you figure out this odd girls secrets?

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
Jade NPC
by Malic for Stardew Valley

Jade is a self-proclaimed entomologist, lover of all things magical, and generally an odd person to meet.
Fully romanceable and marryable. Can you figure out this odd girls secrets?

Jade's birthday is on Winter 4th. She will appear at festivals and has her own spouse room.

Important Notice
Unfortunately I no longer have the time and passion to further develop Jade.
This means there will be no expansion or further updates for the foreseeable future.

I have developed Jade with a focus on being open-source, modular, and well documented. I encourage anybody interested to fork this project and create their own flavor of Jade or add any additional features they'd like to see. You are free to publish any forks of Jade provided they follow the licensing (basically just keep the credits and don't modify the "CC BY-NC-ND 4.0" stuff)
I have published the GIMP files I used for sprite-making under the Files tab. You are free to use them in any way you want.

Thank you for the support and interest in Jade. It means a lot to me.


  • ContentPatcher
  • Custom NPC Fixes


Heart Events

- NPC Adventures - Allows recruiting Jade for NPC Adventures.  She will buff the players foraging and luck and has some unique dialogue.
- CustomKissingMod - Enables kissing Jade any time after giving her a bouquet.

Compatible Mods
- Stardew Valley Expanded v1.13.11 - If detected, changes events, schedule, and festival locations to account for new objects
- Karmylla's Immersive Maps v3.2.2 - If detected, changes schedule to account for new objects (not updated for 1.5)
- Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension v4.0.9 - If detected, Jade will have a room there.
- Community Center Reimagined - Adds Jade to the community center and class event with dialogue (implemented in their mod)
- Juliet and Jessie the Joja Clerks v1.4.4 - If detected, adds extra dialogue, and Jade will live with Juliet.
- Kim NPC - Adds dialogue about Jade. (implemented in their mod)
- Mister Ginger NPC - If detected, adds extra dialogue for Jade
- NiGHTS NPC - If detected, adds extra dialogue for Jade (mod no longer available)
- Nikolai NPC v1.6.2 - Adds Jade to Marketpalooza festival.
- Professor Jasper Thomas v1.3.4 - Adds extra event dialogue for Jade.
- Roronoa Zoro NPC - Adds event with Jade. (implemented in their mod)
- Unique Courtship Responses - If detected, Jade will have unique courtship dialogue.
- Yagisan's Custom NPCs for NPC Map Locations v1.1.16 - Fixes Jade's sprite on NPC Map Locations
Gift Tastes

- Host Trees v1.1.0

Incompatible Mods
None known so far.
Copy the main folder into your Stardew Valley/Mods directory.
When updating, I would suggest deleting your Jade folder and copying the newer folder instead of overwriting.

Translations are user-submitted and may be out-of-date when new events/dialogue is added

Always up to date
missing NiGHTS dialogue
Juliet Saturday dialogue
movie theater dialogue
resort dialogue
missing all event dialogue
Up to date
Up to date
Simplified Chinese
Up to date
Up to date

Generic Mod Config Menu is recommended for configuration, but not required.

    - Exiting to menu, changing language, and playing again will cause issues with Jade's text. If this occurs, close and re-open the game.

These can be shared, but must be credited, cannot be used in commercial purposes, and cannot be distributed if modified.
-Airyn's Portraits (exceptions made with permission, contact for permission)
-xdx4900's Overworld Sprites
-CodeNameRed's Sprites and Portraits

CC BY-SA 4.0
These assets may be shared and modified provided credit is given and modifications are distributed under CC BY-SA 4.0
-Default Portraits by EssGee, malic
-Overworld Sprites
-Spouse Room Sprites
-EssGee's Portraits by EssGee
-Original Portraits (by V)

All json content can be shared and modified freely provided credit is given and you release your modifications under GPLv3 as well.

malic - dialogue, scheduling, scripting, overworld sprites
V - portraits, overworld sprites
xdx4900 - overworld sprites
CodeNameRed - overworld and portrait sprites
EssGee - portrait sprites, inspiration from Riley NPC
Airyn - portrait sprites
Lemurkat - overworld sprites
lakoria - inspiration and base for toddler sprites
Papaya, blaaze6, rssp123- inspiration from Shiko, Delores, NiGHTS NPCs
Ghost3lboom, ElSlayer - Russian translation
yunuangel - Korean translation
Motiam, KatherineC4 - Simplified Chinese translation
Kiyuga - Portuguese translation
Alexochoa2020 - Spanish translation
EmpressKimi - JadeBoardingHouse file fix
Stardew Valley Discord - countless amount of help!