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Love Ellie from Little Witch in the Woods? Wish the witch in Stardew were our chaotic little newly graduated witch? She can be her! Add this mod to replace the Female Witch Rasmodia with Ellie.

Permissions and credits
M. Rasmodia quietly disappeared from the valley one day. A suspiciously well-timed set of events and a broken down train brought newly graduated witch Ellie to the valley. She stumbled upon the empty witch house and decided to stick around to help protect the townspeople.

This is a preliminary release. I mainly wanted to get Ellie in the game physically as I adore her soft vibes. Please let me know if you find any bugs or issues and I'll update the files!
I'll also hopefully add more to the mod over time. Current updates planned:
- References to difference between Ellie and Rasmodia by other characters
- Mail delivered to the farmer signed Ellie
- New events featuring the secret behind our chaotic Ellie being able to talk like Rasmodia (spoiler, its the hat)

How to install:
1. Download and install SMAPI, Content Patcher, SVE, and Romanceable Rasmodia
2. Download the file 
3. Unzip the file and add it in the StardewValley/Mods folder
3. It should work! 

Major thanks and credit to Nom0ri for the Romanceable Rasmodia mod and the female witch sprite sheet used as the base for Ellie! ♡ Also for looking over my files and general support. 
Thank you to to catmao (or 
 yicangyan) for the little witch on her broomstick sprite! I've only recolored slightly it to make her match Ellies daily outfits.

Character is based on Ellie the Apprentice Witch from the game Little Witch in the Woods by SunnySideUp, all credit and ownership of the character goes to them. 

Featured in the images are DaisyNiko's Earthy Interface and Earthy Interiors.