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Adds Lucikiel to the game. A self-indulgent megalomaniac is summoned to the valley through JojaMart's evil scheme. Lucikiel offers his services to Clint in exchange for a place to recuperate. Can you reach his heart? Or will he lose himself in his revenge?

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  • Russian
  • Mandarin
"Here I am offering you power, and yet you keep asking me for some dull rock I don't even know where to look for."

Lucikiel is a power-driven demon sealed away by the Guardians of the Valley. After being released from his artifact, he binds a powerful contract with a fearful Clint. He collects ore for the Blacksmith and exterminates monsters from the Mines in exchange for a place to recuperate. He has long since lived a life of destruction, biding time to enact his timeless revenge. Will you help him find his heart? Or will he fall victim to his own darkness?

Initiating the "Rehabilitate the Villain" plan. Stardew Valley's newest antagonist, Lucikiel, comes with elaborate custom heart events, fight scenes, special schedules, and three unique animations. Talking to Lucikiel once will trigger his introduction event in town.
*Lucikiel is a hidden character in the mobile game, King's Raid. You absolutely do not need to have any knowledge of King's Raid whatsoever to fully enjoy this mod. Completely immersive with Stardew Valley's lore.

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~ New anime portraits by Kono437816 ~

A new improved art style that goes well with other anime portrait mods!
Instructions on how to switch to this portrait-version is located in the 'ReadMe.txt' file in main folder! 
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Lucikiel has been updated for the SDV 1.5 Update! He has a new optional Beachside Lifeguard Costume with new sprites and portraits, which can be switched within the config.json. A minor Clint expansion has also been added with a brand new event.

Instructions are located in the 'ReadMe.txt' in the main folder.


Here is a small teaser of what to expect from the Lucikiel storyline (heart events galore)! Contains minor spoilers:

SVE Compatibility

  • Fully compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE)! Download and instructions are located under optional files. 
  • Lucikiel's heart events, schedules, and festival locations have been properly adjusted.
  • Music in certain heart events have been improved from vanilla mod

NPC Adventures Compatibility

  • Lucikiel is now compatible with PurrplingCat 's NPC Adventures mod! You can recruit him as a warrior companion. He has 60+ additional dialogue in unique locations, adding more immersion in the game. Help him collect ore for Clint and hunt monsters for the Adventurer's Guild!
  • He has unique combat skills: [Critical Defense] and activates a [Soul Link] with the farmer. Forming a contract with Lucikiel gives you a small taste of his power, boosting all of your Speed, Attack and Defense stats by +3
  • He fights with his fists, punching and kicking enemies into oblivion. He starts off as level one and becomes stronger the more you fight enemies. As an end-game boss antagonist, he is initially stronger than the other companions.
  • 3 unique idle animations when following you and staying still.
  • Access to his backpack (36 extra slots). If you leave items overnight, he mails them to you on the next day in a colorful way.
*Important Announcement in Articles Tab regarding the situation of NPC Adventures.

New Immersive Dialogue

  • Other characters now react to Lucikiel's events. After triggering the introduction event, every villager has something to say about Lucikiel when you talk to them, bringing more immersion to the storyline. Certain characters react to even more future heart events.
  • 45+ additional lines of dialogue.
  • Guide is located in the updated 'ReadMe.txt' file. 
Inspired by Lemurkat's Tell Everyone mod. Special thanks to her for all her help!

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- Russian - by zmiranik
- Mandarin - by White Feather

- Content Patcher
- TMXL Map Toolkit (For spouse room and festival locations; highly recommended)
- PyTK 

- Install the latest version of SMAPI and Content Patcher
- Download and unzip file: Lucikiel
- Place in your “\Stardew Valley\Mods” folder
- Run game once with SMAPI
Heart Events
are officially complete! Post-marriage 14-Heart. Guide is in the 'ReadMe.txt" file in the main "[CP] Lucikiel" folder
Children Update:
  • Two new characters have been added to the game! Ezekiel and Viska.
  • Baby Zeke is the son of Lucikiel. If you are married to him and decide to have a baby boy, Ezekiel will be born.
  • If you have a girl, then baby Viska.
  • It takes around 60 days for the babies to mature into toddler Zeke and Viska.
  • Lucikiel can now be invited to the Theater and has proper reactions.
*More information is posted in the ReadMe.txt file.


- Also compatible with Miss Coriel's Unique Courtship Response mod and SVE


- Birthday: Winter 9
- Loved Gifts: Ruby, Sweet Gem Berry, Expresso, Wine
- Has a secret craving for sweet things. Hates long slippery things.
- Schedules vary based on friendship level, seasons, and access to hidden locations. Winter 16 is doctor visit.
- A total of 10+ Heart events. Around 30+ minutes of engaging story with villager reactions.
- True good and hidden bad ending.
* Events guide is located in the 'ReadMe.txt' file in the '[CP] Lucikiel' folder

- Please report any bugs you encounter! <3

Special Thanks to Lemurkat, Kdau, Pathoschild, mouse, Chronicler Cherry, FlashShifter, and all the modders on Discord for answering my questions. Otherwise this 7-month project would have never seen the light of day, like my previous Bakugo mod. I welcome any and all feedback, and I hope to see fellow raiders enjoy my spin on Lucikiel! ~Arknir