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Backport of the "Lock related Loot" mechanic of Fallout 4.
Container have loot according to its type and its lock difficulty.

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Fallout 4 has a "hidden" mechanic where, depending on the difficulty of the lock, the container will have better or worse items inside.

This reduces the chances of getting poor loot out of a Master locked chest.

Since it is a simple mechanic, I was able to backport it to Skyrim, SSE and Classic.

With this mod, each container will have a loot table according to its lock difficulty.

This loot tables are based on the default content of each type of container, this is in order to maintain not only a vanilla feel, but also compatibility with mods altering leveled lists, e.g. Morrowloot, Scarcity, etc.

I couldn't find any mod doing the same, if there is one, let me know.

I also couldn't find any bug, again, if there is one, please let me know.