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A new Dayspring Pass entrance (NO MORE TINY CAVE!!).

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Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass SE

Version 1.0.2

This mod adds map markers and changes the Dayspring Canyon entrance to be more immersive and believable (NO MORE TINY CAVE ENTRANCE!!).  In addition, once the location of Fort Dawnguard is discovered, you will be able to fast travel there immediately like most other map markers instead of further through the quest.

What does the mod change?
1. It adjusts the locations of Fort Dawnguard and Dayspring Canyon (offsets the entire Dawnguard world space) to be more geologically correct. I found it annoying that Fort Dawnguard was located right on the road from Skyrim but yet you could not get there from the road.
2. It moves the entrance to Dayspring Canyon and creates a more immersive entrance. I found it silly that the entrance to Dayspring Canyon was so far west and it did not even contain a map marker. Also, why was the entrance to the Canyon so small?
3. When the Dawnguard Quest begins, the Dayspring Pass Map marker is added instead of the Fort Dawnguard marker, which doesn't even take you to the fort until later in the quest. With this mod, the Fort Dawnguard map marker always takes you to the Fort.


1. This mod will probably conflict with any mod that modifies or add items at the vanilla Dayspring entrance in the Tamriel or Dawnguard worldspace.
2. There is a patch for Unique Border Gates SE Here The patch file is called 'Unique Border Gates All - Better DG Entrance - Patch'
3. I have created a patch for Enhanced Lights and FX in the file section under optional files.
4. I have included a patch for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE in the file section under optional files. Thanks ElminsterAU!
5. To work with Immersive Patrols SE. That mod needs be loaded before this one.

Just download with Nexus Mod Manager or Vortex and activate (Note I have not tested this with MO2.
1. If you have ELFX, make sure this file is loaded after.

Known Issues
No Known Issues, if there are any please let me know

You can simply remove, there are no continuously running scripts.  But please note if you remove this mod before or during the first stage of the "Dawnguard" quest you may not see a quest marker in the Skyrim world space.  That problem goes away after you have reached the Fort Dawnguard world space. and is only for the first time you visit.

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