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About this mod

IMR remasters all of Skyrim's ice meshes. In short: adds incredibly detailed refractions, has accurate collisions, better object blending, high support for retextures, ENB support.

Permissions and credits

Icy Mesh Remaster is a one in all solution that overhauls all ice meshes to be easy to setup and adjust to your game and supporting of most ice retextures for best consistency or fantasy look.

Credits: Peter <3

Removed Vortex Colors
 [this allows the objects to have their own proper coloring through textures/parallax/ENB]
Reworked Multilayered Parallax
[to fit modded textures]

Supports most ice retextures
Reworked Reflections

Higher quality meshes
Accurate collisions
Covered regions: Tamriel / Solstheim / Forgotten Valley
Every mesh tweaked
[Hundreds of small changes/improvements]

3 Variants of meshes
[High Poly / Low Poly / Fantasy]

LOD support

Ice caves
[Everything is ice]
moved to a new dedicated mod: ICR

Custom plugins
[Provides many fixes to glaciers and snow flags]

UV Map and model fixes
[dozens of meshes with new UVs]

Support for SoS / BDS 2.11+ / Vanilla
[BDS and vanilla have a patch in FOMOD]

This mod must overwrite any conflicting mod!
This includes Lux, ELFX, Arctic, HQ cubemaps, Fixed Mesh Lighting, Assorted mesh fixes, etc.

Supported texture mods

click below


Not supported texture mods

Holy Glaciers
[Fully incompatible]

if you're having issues

Since this mod has grown in complexity and with multiple requests I'll add some notes regarding installation so that it wouldn't be as confusing for newer players.

Load order:

Load IMR after DynDoLOD resources pack.
However after generating TexGen, let TexGen overwrite.

4 Mesh versions

I have tediously developed 4 groups of meshes to select from. 

For performance and vanilla feel Low Poly *no longer maintained*
For quality and less performance friendly High Poly

Both of these have another version.
Consistency: All meshes have soft lighting

Fantasy: All meshes have back lighting. 



ESM flagged for VR users.
ESL-ESM flagged for PC users.
Adds new objects and new meshes into the game. (Only IcyFixes.esm)

There's a new ice variation that is now flagged with backlighting shader and is used in most fitting situations. For example, if we have an iceberg in the ocean, then without any issues we can make it use the backlighting meshes.

There are quite a lot of objects that do not have snow and therefore have no snow coverage in an area where they are filled with snow so these are changed to a snow model of the same mesh. This has been corrected in dozens of areas. A lot of glacial meshes have snow flags which do not allow for specularity on them if they have snow. This is removed in order to have specularity on glaciers.

IMPORTANT: if you're using this plugin, you'll have to restart your save if you want to uninstall it midgame. Otherwise you'll have objects missing.



Disables IceShader01. (this is a personal preference as it's a buggy shader but is left as an optional as it may lead to incompatibility with any mods that depend on using that shader.)



Tweaks the projected snow texture to reduce stretching on vertical zones of meshes. Additionally it slightly makes the snow more sparse.



Adds missing levels of LOD to certain meshes and adds new LODs like icicles.

Partitioned snow Meshes:


Adds different mesh versions of the same snow models to the game to make the partitioned snow meshes working. 
Normally the snowdrifts are used multiple times through the game while having only a projected texture on them. Which is why the plugin is needed.
This is most helpful in Windhelm city when there is a lot of lights around snow and especially if city mods like JK are used that add more lights.

ESP flagged for VR users.
ESL flagged for PC users.