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A flat and modern interface replacer mod based on Dear Diary Dark Mode. This mod focuses on modernizing Skyrim’s interface while feeling similar to its original style.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

Why does this mod exist?

Skyrim's interface style is "flat" according to some sources, but its graphic design choices are dated. I observed a few flat-styled game interfaces and noticed they are mostly void of text drop shadows, fake gloss, and radial blur effects—all of which are still present in Skyrim's interface. I simply wanted to correct some of these issues with this mod.

And while there are many great options for interface replacers, I personally wanted an even simpler aesthetic that did not compromise too much on usability. Therefore, I created this mod for personal use and built up the confidence to release it after showing it to some people.

Why is this named "Untarnished" UI?

I played Elden Ring and enjoyed it, along with the mods that introduce Souls-like gameplay to Skyrim. However, I never found any HUD preset that accurately replicated that game's HUD layout, so I decided to do it here. In Elden Ring, you play as a "Tarnished" and because this mod has a similar HUD with a clean interface, using the word "Untarnished" seemed fitting for this interface replacer.

And if Souls-like gameplay is not your thing, I am not forcing you to play Skyrim that way, as you have the "Vanilla Style" HUD option.


  • Flat and modern interface style
  • All improvements from Dear Diary Dark Mode
  • Compatibility patches for interface mods
  • Simple plugin that enables Gaussian blur in menus
  • Main font replacer with Futura Book BT
  • Completely redone button art
  • PlayStation icons option
  • Modular and descriptive installer



Install with a mod manager such as Mod Organizer 2, Vortex, etc.

The installer is fully modular in a similar way to Dear Diary Dark Mode's installer. For each option, descriptions and pictures have been included to ease the installation user experience. Therefore, a step-by-step guide is redundant to include here because the installer helps with that.

General rule: each option in the installer will require Dear Diary Dark Mode’s equivalent option enabled if it exists.


You can configure this mod's Dear Diary Dark Mode settings file found in interface/deardiary_dm/config.txt.

  • Restore quicksave button
  • Lockpicking cheat mode (with optional timer)
  • Hide lock level
  • Map markers size and alpha
  • Directionless player map marker
  • Hide player map marker
  • Show additional weapon stats in inventory item card
  • Scrolling speed in inventory menus and favorites menu
  • Hide book UI or some specific buttons
  • Hide lockpicking UI
  • Max sleep-wait timer
  • Time on loading screen
  • Hide 3D object and/or text on loading screen
  • Configurable dialogue menu
  • Disable CC message of the day in start menu
  • Set transparency (alpha) of any menu

You can configure this mod's SkyHUD settings file found in interface/skyhud/skyhud.txt. A restart is needed to apply the settings.

  • Hide/show activate button
  • Hide/show stealth text
  • Hide/show stealth meter
  • Make HP/MP/SP bars persistent
  • Scale and move almost any element

If you use TrueHUD (strongly recommended), you can tweak its settings in its MCM.

  • Enable/disable actor info bars
  • Enable/disable boss bars
  • Enable/disable player widget
  • Enable/disable recent loot widget
  • Hide/show vanilla target bar
  • Set display criteria for any element
  • Scale and move almost any element


Let this mod overwrite everything because it will likely include compatibility patches for files it overwrites. However, there are a few exceptions.

  • Better SkyUI Config - Smart sorting by type (DDDM option)
    • Tweak that mod's file with these two changes
    • colors.text.enabled = 0xffffff
    • colors.stolen.enabled = 0xffffff
  • Any SkyUI category icon replacer
  • Any SkyUI map marker icon replacer
  • Any SkyHUD compass marker icon replacer
  • Any start menu wallpaper
  • Any font replacer
  • Any cursor replacer

Included mods (modified versions, does not require the original mod)

Included patches (requires original mod)

Please see Dear Diary Dark Mode's mod page for a more comprehensive list of redundant, included, compatible, and incompatible mods.

Complementary mods. Pick and choose which ones are right for you

Final Remarks

If you like what you see here, give this mod a download. And if you enjoy using this, feel free to give an endorsement (and to Dear Diary Dark Mode).

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.